1 October 2023
11 month ago
Khamenei: A few years ago, when pictures of our advanced missiles & drones were published, they said they're photoshopped pictures. Now they say Iranian drones are dangerous. Why do you sell them to so & so These are feats carried out by Iranian elites. They bring honor to our country
EU has 'sufficient evidence' to sanction Iran over Russian drones in Ukraine: spokeswoman
11 month ago
Khamenei: Any issue our scientists have focused on, they've carried out tasks revered by the world: stem cells & animal cloning, sending satellites into space, humanoid robots, nuclear technology, building advanced missiles & drones, & making vaccines, specially COVID vaccines
11 month ago
Khamenei: World's bullying powers seek to dominate. How One day with weapons, one day with deception, & one day with science. Universities prevent their domination. If you are able to elevate the scientific status of the country, you have created an obstacle to the enemy's domination
11 month ago
Khamenei: Universities are a key pillar for the country's progress. Enemies of the country's progress value any opportunity that can harm, close, or cripple universities. Universities are one of the largest obstacles standing in the way of the Arrogant Powers' domination
11 month ago
Khamenei: Talented individuals are among the most important assets of the country. When we recognize that the talented are a great wealth, we will endeavor to nurture talented individuals, we will understand that losing them is a loss, & we will prevent this loss as much as possible
11 month ago
Khamenei: The presence of the youth, especially talented youth, engender hope wherever they are. I truly thank God that now after the COVID19 pandemic has diminished in our country, this lively, energetic, promising meeting is being held in person once again
Night protests in Saqqaz, Iranian Kurdistan
The State Department: Washington has a number of tools to continue to hold both Iran and Russia accountable
Mehrshahr, Alborz Province, northern Iran Locals in nationwide protests against the government on the 33rd day of the uprising & chanting: "Death to the dictator." "No fear. We're all together."
The US warns it will take action against companies and nations working with Iran's drone program after Russia used the imports for deadly kamikaze strikes in Kyiv
11 month ago
US, France and Britain say Iran is violating a UN arms embargo by supplying Russia with 'kamikaze' drones that are being deployed in Ukraine
Ilam, western Iran Protesters torched a statue symbolizing the government's oppressive IRGC paramilitary Basij Force
Iran is becoming an accomplice in Russia's ongoing war in Ukraine by supplying Moscow with drones, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis says
11 month ago
Ukraine calls for intensified sanctions on Iran after drone strikes
EU imposes sanctions on Iran's "moral police"
Raisi: Biden incites chaos, terrorism and destruction in Iran
11 month ago
Spontaneous demonstrations broke out in Berlin because of the fire in Ewin prison in Tehran. The demonstrators demanded solidarity with the political prisoners in Iran and the resignation of the Iranian government with the shouts "Mullah must go".
Four prisoners killed and 61 injured at Evin prison fire: IRNA
"An intelligence assessment shared in recent days with Ukrainian and U.S. officials contends that Iran's armaments industry is preparing a first shipment of Fateh-110 and Zolfaghar missiles, two well-known Iranian short-range ballistic missiles" to Russia
Iran slams Biden's support of the protests as "interference in its domestic affairs"
.@StateDeptSpox: "We are following reports from Evin Prison with urgency. We are in contact with the Swiss as our protecting power. Iran is fully responsible for the safety of our wrongfully detained citizens, who should be released immediately
Video said to show a pretty big fire at Tehran's Evin Prison. Iranian media reporting the same. No comment from the city's fire department yet
General strike continues in Saqqez, Iran
11 month ago
Khamenei: Unity between Islamic nations is possible but needs work. We have not lost hope in the politicians & rulers of Islamic countries but our greatest hope is in their elites: religious scholars, intellectuals, professors, discerning youth, poets, writers, the press, etc
11 month ago
Khamenei: One who creates discord in the Islamic world is serving the enemy. We have responded strongly to those who under the name of supporting the Shia have provoked the feelings of Sunni brothers. This requires a response from everyone. Of course, some go to extremes on both sides
11 month ago
Khamenei: I once referred to the British Shia. Some falsely said what we mean by British Shia is the Shia living in England. No, we mean the people who follow the British in creating discord, the conflict-inciting Shia. They're like Wahhabis & Takfiris who serve the enemy in this way
"We will be taking action." Says top EU diplomat on Iran drones for Russia. Awaiting conclusion of independent assessment, official says
11 month ago
Khamenei: Unity between Muslims means being united in protecting the interests of the Islamic nation. During talks, let's 1st identify the enemies, the friends, the interests of the Islamic nation, & agree on stances to be taken. This is acting in unity against the Arrogant Powers' plans
11 month ago
Khamenei: The enemies are working to do something so that the Zionist government, this cancerous cell, won't be called "the enemy" anymore. They wish to create more discord between the countries of the region. These normalizations are one of the biggest acts of treachery against the Muslims
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