28 October 2021
4 month ago
Khamenei: I continuously thank the All-Knowing, Almighty God & I congratulate the Iranian nation. I remind the respectful people who have been elected for the high responsibilities of being President or members of the councils to appreciate the opportunity to serve the country& the nation
Amnesty International: Raisi is accused of involvement in murders, enforced disappearances and torture
4 month ago
Khamenei: Neither the financial difficulties, nor the anguish from the threat of Covid19, nor the opposition's attempts to dishearten the people - starting months ago-, nor the disruptions in the early hours of election day overcame the Iranian nation's determination
4 month ago
Khamenei: The winner of yesterday's elections is the Iranian nation. They have again stood up to the propaganda of the enemy's mercenary media & the urgings of the simple-minded & the ill-wishers. They have displayed their presence in the heart of the country's political arena
4 month ago
Khamenei: To the great, honorable nation of IRAN. Your enthusiastic, epic turnout in the June 18th elections has added yet another shining page to your honors. The pleasing scene of your participation was a clear sign of your firm willpower, hearts filled with hope & watchful eyes
4 month ago
Khamenei: Coming in minutes: Message on the occasion of the victory of the great Iranian nation in the June 18th elections IranElection2021
Iranian Foreign Minister: Vienna negotiations are going well and we may reach an agreement before August, but there are still obstacles
Zarif: The issues of the Vienna talks are not intractable, and we hope for results before August
Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif: Raisi is a rational man and will lead the country well
Iranian Election Commission: Ebrahim Raisi won 62% of the votes in the presidential elections, according to preliminary results
Biden administration is sharply reducing the number of US antimissile systems in the Middle East as it focuses on challenges from China and Russia, administration officials told WSJ
Yesterday a man in Isfehan Iran dressed in Green claimed to be the last Shia Imam to bring justice, shouting "Death to [supreme leader] Khamenei" has been brutally beaten/arrested by the police.
Iranian Chief of Police Hussein Ashtari says 600,000 members of police forces have been mobilized to ensure security of Iran presidential elections
Iranian media: Low turnout in several voting centers in Tehran
4 month ago
Khamenei: We hope that with the blessings of Imam Reza today will be a day of celebration for the Iranian nation. And this will happen, by God's grace. The nation will benefit from this election, God willing
4 month ago
Khamenei: No one should say their one vote isn't effective. Every single vote is definitely important. I believe that you should participate with a pure, divine intention
4 month ago
Khamenei: We repeatedly invite people to participate in the elections. The result of their presence primarily affects the people themselves. Of course, the people's turnout will also help to gain major advantages for the country in the international arena
4 month ago
Khamenei: Election day is the day of the Iranian nation. It is the people who are determining the country's future for the coming years by voting. Anything the Iranian nation does today will build their future and determine their destiny for years to come
4 month ago
Khamenei: In minutes: Voting in the 13th presidential election, 6th Islamic Councils election, 5th Assembly of Experts midterm election and the 11th Islamic Consultative Parliament midterm elections
Data from ISPA's final survey, released hours before polls open in Iran, suggests a 44% turnout in the presidential election. While that is ISPA's highest estimate to date, it would still be a record low. The 1993 election holds the record for the lowest turnout (50.66%)
@USTreasury issues General License N. Most notable is (b) which authorizes certain transactions involving Central Bank of Iran or NIOC. Another unilateral gesture by Washington to Tehran.
US State Department: There is no timetable for the sixth round of Iran nuclear negotiations
Strait of Hormuz -US Navy EP-3E Orion MN806 -USAF  EC-130H Compass Call NMBUS354 month ago
Strait of Hormuz -US Navy EP-3E Orion MN806 -USAF EC-130H Compass Call NMBUS35
RSAF conducts 6 airstrikes on Iran-backed Houthi positions in Hajjah
RSAF conducts 10 airstrikes on Iran-backed Houthi positions in Maarib
Khamenei: Popular participation in the elections gives the government strength
Khamenei: Not participating in the elections serves Iran's enemies
4 month ago
@CENTCOM head says on Iran acquiring Russia's Kanopus-V: "You really can't do much with it. It would probably allow them to see something the size of a school bus, which is not going to be particularly concerning to us
RSAF conducts 4 airstrikes on Iran-backed Houthi positions in Maarib
Ebrahim Raisi, the favourite in Iran's presidential election, has used his position at the heart of the judiciary for grave rights violations, including mass executions of political prisoners, activists say
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