28 October 2021
Scenes of Iranian security firing at protesters in Izh a while ago
Internet outage on Irancell and Hamrah-Avval operators in Ahvaz and Shadegan cities of Khuzestan province
Clashes between Iranian security and protesters in Muhammarah in Ahvaz
Iranian security forces open fire on demonstrators in the city of Izh
Izeh, SW Iran Massive anti-government Iran Protests in Izeh by Bakhtiari Lors. "Bakhtiari will die rather than bow down." they chant
Iranian activists: A protester was killed in the protests in the city of Izeh
Gunshots in the background. The sender says they are shooting at demonstrators. Izeh Khuzestan
Activist Mohammad Nourizad, on medical leave from prison, gives a message to government forces shooting the protesters in Khuzestan: "Even if the higherups give the order, don't shoot at the people; they are sisters, brother, mothers, and compatriots
In Tehran, several civic activists, workers, teachers, and mothers of victims from previous Iran Protests condemned the killing of protesters in Khuzestan outside the Ministry of Interior, and were attacked & arrested by security forces
Ahvaz, SW Iran: Massive Iran Protests for water in Ahvaz
Jul 20 - Izeh, SW Iran Clashes between riot police and angry locals in Izeh. On the 6th night of protests in Khuzestan Province, Izeh locals are chanting against the government and not just for water
Izeh, SW Iran: Riot police shoot tear gas at peaceful protesters in Izeh another city in Khuzestan Province, mostly made up of Bakhtiari Lors
According to a video obtained by Iran International, a group of protesters chanted "Death to the dictator" in Izeh.
Security forces have arrested several human rights activists including prominent figure Narges Mohammadi who gathered in support of protests in southwestern Iran
Iran records a record daily infection with the Coronavirus
3 month ago
Reuters: "Turkey detains nearly 1500 migrants near Iranian border - officials"
Jul 19 - Jarahi, SW Iran  Riot police attack protesters with tear gas. The sound of gun shots can be heard as the rioters run to take cover3 month ago
Jul 19 - Jarahi, SW Iran Riot police attack protesters with tear gas. The sound of gun shots can be heard as the rioters run to take cover
Susangerd, SW Iran  Massive crowds in Susangerd are chanting for the Governor to resign3 month ago
Susangerd, SW Iran Massive crowds in Susangerd are chanting for the Governor to resign
US State Department Spokesperson: We are open to continuing the Vienna talks, and we hope that the Prime Minister's government will decide to continue negotiations
Some reports say at least 4 people have been killed in protests over lack of water in Iran's oil-rich Khuzestan province. But the govt says only 2 dead, while one key editorial blamed "terrorist groups" which have supposedly infiltrated the protests
Ahvaz, southwest Iran Locals are setting tires on fire and blocking roads as protests over severe water shortages continue
The U.S. is considering tighter sanctions on Iranian oil sales to China as a way to encourage Tehran to conclude a nuclear deal and raise the costs of abandoning stalled negotiations
An Iranian protester was killed during demonstrations against the government's handling of water shortages and drought in oil-producing, southwestern Khuzestan province, the semi-official Iranian Students' News Agency reports
Iran says that UAE will be responsible for the repercussions of any "Israeli measures that may destabilize the security of the region"
Iran's largest warship, IRINS Makran and IRINS Sahand  currently in the English Channel - (likely with RN escort in attendance). Believed heading to St Petersburg3 month ago
Iran's largest warship, IRINS Makran and IRINS Sahand currently in the English Channel - (likely with RN escort in attendance). Believed heading to St Petersburg
3 month ago
Khamenei: The primary result of this selfless endeavor in the way of God will be to prevent the US and other international aggressors from interfering and stop their malicious actions in Islamic countries, God willing
3 month ago
Khamenei: Our region & its events are an exhibition of moral lessons: gaining power from resistance against aggressors & humiliation due to giving in to them. God promises to assist fighters in the way of God, "If you aid the cause of God, He will aid you & make firm your steps," [47:7]
3 month ago
Khamenei: Regional nations have shown they are vigilant & their path is different from that of states that strike up a friendship with the usurping Zionist government, govts that didn't find it sufficient to loot their own country's natural resources & are looting Palestine's resources
3 month ago
Khamenei: US's ignorance caused its humiliation in Afghanistan. After that raucous invasion 20 years ago, it became stuck in a quagmire & had to withdraw its forces. Of course, the vigilant Afghan nation should remain watchful & stand against US intelligence tools & soft war
3 month ago
Khamenei: US propaganda efforts to distort the will and actions of the brave youth in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, etc. & ascribe them to Iran or any other reference point, is an insult to those valiant, vigilant youth & stems from US's lack of proper understanding of regional nations
3 month ago
Khamenei: The emergence of Resistance makes hearts brim with hope. Palestine bravely defeated the aggressor in 12 days. Yemen, besieged & alone, endured the enemies' 7 years of crimes & perplexed the enemy with its ingenuity. In Iraq, the usurping US and its puppet ISIS are pushed back
3 month ago
Khamenei: Occupied Palestine calls for our help. Oppressed Yemen torments every heart. Afghanistan's sufferings concern all. The tragedies in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon etc., where US & its cohorts' interference & evil hands are completely visible, are stimulating the youth's determination
3 month ago
Khamenei: What Iran is saying, that has enraged Arrogant Powers, is inviting to resistance against US interference & evil. The straight path shown by Hajj is attention to God's perpetual power, having national self-confidence, believing in struggle & having abundant hope of victory
3 month ago
Khamenei: We, the followers of Islam- who enjoy large populations, vast lands, and countless natural resources- must build the future with our assets & resources, and stand up and RESIST the aggression, interference and evil of western powers
3 month ago
Khamenei: For the past 150 years, Muslim nations haven't had a role in self-determination & apart from a few exceptions, they have been subject to the western govts' greed, interference and vice. Backwardness and dependence in many countries is a product of that passivity & incompetence
3 month ago
Khamenei: Hajj is an act of worship filled with mysteries. This year, the Hajj ritual is impossible, but attention to the God of the House& asking for forgiveness are possible. StoningSatan is impossible, but rejecting the power-seeking devils is possible everywhere
3 month ago
Khamenei: Dear Muslim brothers & sisters. This year too, the Islamic nation has been deprived of the great blessing of Hajj due to the tribulation of the pandemic and perhaps that of the policies dominating over the Holy Ka'bah
3 month ago
Khamenei: On the occasion of Abrahamic Hajj days, Ayatollah Khamenei's message will be published in a few minutes Hajj2021
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