Map. History of Iran conflict

23 March 2019
Iran conducts a naval drill near Strait of Hormuz with its indigenous-built submarine and frigate and says it is practicing with cruise missiles and other weapons
This footage allegedly shows a US drone feed which has been hacked by Iranian assets. The footage does appear to have been taken in Iraq, South-West of Haditha. The co-ords in the feed do match locations where the drone is flying
Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) revised its earlier ban on oil exports to Iran on Thursday allowing registered refineries authorized by the local and central government to resume trucking oil products to their eastern neighbor.
Qassem Soleimani: Saudi money has a great influence in Pakistan that targets its neighbors through terrorism
Iran: Quds Force commander in Iran's Revolutionary Guard: We will not allow the blood of the Iranian people to go wastefully through a malicious and terrorist group
Iranian security forces arrest eight militants involved in attack on IRGC bus in Zahedan
Iran announces the start of naval exercises in the strategic Strait of Hormuz tomorrow for 3 days
Iranian Cargo EX-SAHA Airlines Boeing 747 EP-SHH heading Syria from Tehran1 month ago
Iranian Cargo EX-SAHA Airlines Boeing 747 EP-SHH heading Syria from Tehran
1 month ago
Iran released three Jordanians, who had mistakenly entered its territorial waters, after two months of detention
Rohani: Iranian tensions with the United States at its peak
Trump admin. launches global campaign to end the criminalization of homosexuality in dozens of nations where it's still illegal to be gay, US officials tell @NBCNews, a bid aimed in part at denouncing Iran over its human rights record.
POUYA AIR IL76TD EP-PUS (banned/sanctioned airline) from Tehran westbound probably to Damascus Came out of Vnukovo, Moscow yesterday. Syrian AIR IL76T YK-ATD from Damascus eastbound probably to Tehran1 month ago
POUYA AIR IL76TD EP-PUS (banned/sanctioned airline) from Tehran westbound probably to Damascus Came out of Vnukovo, Moscow yesterday. Syrian AIR IL76T YK-ATD from Damascus eastbound probably to Tehran
Protests in the south of Iran in province of Khuzistan
Iranians in Dezful pull down a banner reportedly dedicated to the Islamic Republic's support for Assad government in Syria. Many Iranians are against their country's involvement in Syria.
Commander of ground forces in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard: 2 of the perpetrators of the Zahedan attack carrying Pakistani citizenship
Iran's Revolutionary Guard confirms that the suicide bomber who carried out the Zahedan attack is a Pakistani national
Iranian Air Force B-747-200 EP-BHC heading Syria from Tehran1 month ago
Iranian Air Force B-747-200 EP-BHC heading Syria from Tehran
Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Iran's Revolutionary Guard: Tehran will avenge the victims of the Zahedan attack
Iran: Deputy commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard: Our enemies have failed to incite the people against the revolution despite raising economic problems
There are reports of flour being rationed among bakeries of Isfahan, central Iran.
Iranian Parliament approves $5bn loan from Russia
1 month ago
Khamenei: The enemy sometimes shows teeth and sometimes puts up a smile. They both come from the same source and even their smile emerges from hostility. The government officials should not be deceived by European states' smiles.
1 month ago
Khamenei: Of course, the enemies will try to ignore that millions took to the streets, but they do understand and everyone knows that a nation who shows up in such a manner, cannot be harmed by the enemies. May God bestow mercy and grace upon this nation that defend their own country.
1 month ago
Khamenei: I thanked the people for their February 11 turnout; however, this thanking is the least I can offer to the people of Iran. Iranian nation carried out a great task on February 11. Reportedly, there were more people participating in this year's rally almost in all cities.
Iranian Maj. Gen. Mohammed Baqri: We assured the Pakistani delegation that the Pakistani army should act against the terrorists, otherwise we will act
1 month ago
Khamenei: In a meaningful move, February 11 people took to the street and chanted "Down with USA"- which I previously elaborated on its epitomes. I reiterate that "Down with USA" means down with domineering, invasion and encroaching upon the rights of nations.
1 month ago
Khamenei: The U.S.'s hostility is open; Europeans also practice deception today. Our officials should be aware not to fall for their plots and deception.
1 month ago
Khamenei: Heads of many PersianGulf states or others that sat with the Zionist government and the U.S. in Warsaw summit to ally against Islam, Muslims and Islamic Republic, have been disgraced. Of course, they are disgraced in the eyes of their own nations.
1 month ago
Khamenei: Iran's main enemy is Arrogance, epitome of which is invasive U.S. government. US is weak today, suffering from domestic/foreign problems, conflicts within heads of the U.S. and curious amount in debt. Look at them in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. These troubles enrage them.
IRGC statement: IRGC forces nab 3 militants, seize 150kg of explosive in southeast Iran
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