Map. History of Iran conflict

18 May 2021
1 year ago
Khamenei: I declare it firmly that the Western civilization is declining. Even Western intellectuals have felt it. Societies' events and evolutions occur over time. The Western and materialistic civilization we see today is treading the path towards destruction.
1 year ago
Khamenei: Forming workgroups on issues of the world and addressing themes like Gaza, Palestine, Yemen, Bahrain, Muslims in Myanmar and in Europe and studying incidents like the attack in Paris are tasks to be carried out by university students.
1 year ago
Khamenei: The Iranian nation has proved they can carry out great tasks. The Islamic Revolution's victory and the establishment of the Islamic Republic was a miracle in the bipolarity of Capitalism and Communism. It was like the Israelites crossing the Nile with Moses and his stick.
1 year ago
Russian Foreign Ministry: It is too early to talk about Russian mediation between Arab countries and Iran
"Pentagon officials are scheduled to brief senior members of Trump's NSC team on a plan that could send thousands of additional US troops to the Middle East amid rising tensions with Iran" - CNN
Iran: Major General Gholamali Rashid, a senior Revolutionary Guards commander, says US would not dare to attack Iran because of its "spirit of resistance"
Chargé d'affaires of the US Embassy in Baghdad: No one claimed responsibility for the launch of the shell near the embassy
"Iran has some thousands of its, they call them advisors, Quds Force elements under Qassem Soleimani" in Syria, per Amb Jeffrey "They provide the leadership of a much larger number.It certainly would be in the 10,000 plus category of Iranian backed proxies from 3rd countries"
Accoeding to @RTarabic , Iranian_navy will send a Bayandor-class  Patrol Frigate Bayandor 81 along with Bandar Abbas-class Light replenishment ship Bushehr 422 and a Hengam-Class landing ship to the international water1 year ago
Accoeding to @RTarabic , Iranian_navy will send a Bayandor-class Patrol Frigate "Bayandor 81" along with Bandar Abbas-class Light replenishment ship "Bushehr 422" and a Hengam-Class landing ship to the international water
U.S. B-52 bomber flying over Middle East alongside F-35 stealth fighter jets and Qatari playmates. Air Force says patrol meant to "defend U.S. forces and interests in the region." No mention of Iran. (Photo: USAF)
Chairman of the National Security Committee of the Iranian Parliament: No one can claim that he is participating in a proxy war on behalf of Tehran
Chairman of the National Security Committee of the Iranian parliament: We will not start the war with America and we do not want it, neither directly nor by proxy
[email protected]: "It was a very specific andcredible threat briefing that we heard today from Iran. In fact they've carried out and launched several attacks through their proxies including a rocket attack near our embassy in Baghdad, ships in Persian Gulf and drone attacks in Saudi Arabia"
US Defense Secretary: I explained to the Congress that Iranian threats against us based on credible intelligence
Pentagon: Washington wants to deter Iran and not go to war with it
Republican Senator Lindsey Graham: sending the aircraft carrier to the Gulf was to protect our soldiers and our interests and not to wage war
US senators: If Iran attacks the United States, there will be a strong response
Members of the US Senate: We will deter Iran against any threat to the United States and its interests
Members of the US Senate: Iranian threats remain
The Iranian president: We will not lose to U.S. arrogance, the White House has no ability to defeat Iran
[email protected]: "There haven't been any attacks on Americans. That doesn't mean the threats that we previously identified have gone away. Our prudent response I think has given Iranians time to recalculate, I think our response was a measure of our will and our resolve"
US Secretary of State: Iran is likely to be behind the attacks in the Gulf
Acting US Secretary of Defense says the Iranian threats were attacks and we stopped them
Gen. Joseph Dunford, Joint Chiefs chairman has cancelled a trip to NATO Wednesday. "Due to unforeseen commitments that require General Dunford to remain in Washington D.C. this week, General Dunford has cancelled his trip," his spokesman Colonel Patrick Ryder told CNN.
Pompeo and Shanahan briefing lawmakers and then the press today on Capitol Hill on Iran threats
Iraq has alternatives in terms of Strait Hormuz closure - Iraqi PM
Iraqi Prime Minister: Baghdad sends delegations to Tehran and Washington to calm tensions
Iranian President: Trump retreated from his threats after witnessing the unity of the Iranian people
Iran's Foreign Minister Zarif warned the US was "playing a very, very dangerous game" by boosting its military presence in the region: CNN
"Several" @RoyalAirForce F35s have left UK destined for RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus. Described as "routine training" and not directly related to Op Shader or Iran tensions
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