28 November 2021
Iran records a record number of 6,134 injuries and another 335 deaths
Hajj Askar makes daily morning tours of the observation and engagement points in the city of Albu Kamal and its countryside, as well as visits the headquarters of Iranian militias and inspects the needs of the elements himself. A morning photo of an Iranian militia van roaming the city of Albu Kamal
The U.S. government was able to attribute the fake Proud Boys emails to Iran within days because the hackers left behind clues that could be cross-referenced with other sources such as "communications interceptions," according to Reuters
U.S. administration officials have been watching Russia's FSB penetrate state and local systems in recent weeks and believe they have pieced together Russia's plans for election interference.
1 year ago
An Iranian opposition activist was killed in Toronto, Canada
Turkey's President Erdogan and his Iranian counterpart Rouhani discuss fight against terrorism, Syria and Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict in a phone call
A military convoy of the SDF supported by the international coalition warplanes raided the river crossings in Al-Shuhail, "the Hassan crossing and the Euphrates crossing," and detonated the ferries that transport smuggled materials to the areas of the Assad government and Iranian militias at the other end of the river
1 year ago
Ilham Aliyev: With the control of Agband settlement, full control of the state border of Azerbaijan and the Islamic Republic of Iran has been ensured.
Top 4 nation-state threats to US: China North Korea Iran & Russia, @TheJusticeDept Asst AG John Demers tells @CSIS
1 year ago
Tehran summons the ambassador of Switzerland and informs him of its protest against Washington's accusation of interfering in the U.S. elections
Iran's mission to the United Nations: accusation of interfering in the American elections is an attempt to "undermine confidence"
Minister Gargash: The interest of the major countries in the security of the Arab Gulf is necessary and important
Minister Gargash: The missile threat and support for militias do not help create platforms for dialogue
Footage of the clashes on the Iranian border line
Video from today of a Mersad-16 SAM System launch1 year ago
Video from today of a Mersad-16 SAM System launch
SANA release images of the school that was allegedly struck by the Israeli army last night in Qunetria, according to Israeli media 2 Hezbollah/Iranian posts and a vehicle were struck
Israeli army Cos Kochavi: "We have many challenges besides the coronavirus, in the last 24 hours the Israeli army operated in all fronts"
Israeli Defense Secretary Gantz will fly to Washington tonight for a security meeting with the US Secretary of Defense and will hold additional security meetings at the Pentagon
Iran reports a record number of 5,616 new COVID19 cases and 312 new deaths
Iran are currently conducting an Air Defense Exercise called Modafeane Asmane Velayat 99 over half the country, between the 21st (today) and the 24th October. Both the Army and IRGC will take part. Earlier today a Khordad SAM System was fired as part of this exercise1 year ago
Iran are currently conducting an Air Defense Exercise called "Modafeane Asmane Velayat 99" over half the country, between the 21st (today) and the 24th October. Both the Army and IRGC will take part. Earlier today a Khordad SAM System was fired as part of this exercise
Hezbollah and Iranian militia killed in Israeli shelling north of Syria's Quneitra: Syrian monitor
1 year ago
Iran launches large-scale air defense exercise
Gulf Cooperation Council Security Council: Iran supports actions and attacks with ballistic missiles and drones that targeted civilians in Saudi Arabia
Gulf Cooperation Council: Iran has caused widespread violence and instability in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen
GCC chief before Security Council: Some members of the GCC have been repeatedly attacked by Iran and its proxies in the region
1 year ago
Khamenei: Muslim nations will never accept the humiliation of compromising with the Zionist government. If the US thinks they can solve the region's problem in this way, they are wrong. The status of any government that negotiates with the usurping Zionist government will be shaken before its nation
Guterres: The United Nations will continue to work to reduce tension in the Gulf and are ready to host a regional dialogue
Settlement between @USTreasury OFAC and Berkshire Hathaway regarding "apparent violations" of sanctions against Iran
UAE Foreign Minister: Iran threatens the region, and standards for combating extremism should include it
UAE Foreign Minister: We condemn acts of extremism and we must redouble efforts together to combat it
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