28 October 2021
Iran today unveiled a new missile named Zolfaghar Basir (Basir in Arabic means "seeing") which is equipped with optical contrast seekers
Al-Bukamal The Sada Al-Sharqiya correspondent from the city of Al-Bukamal denied the reports circulating about an unidentified aircraft flying over the sky of the city of Al-Bukamal and targeting the headquarters of Iranian militias. The Al-Sharqiya correspondent from Al-Bukamal mentioned that since the dawn of today, Saturday, the sky of Al-Bukamal has not witnessed any flights.
Al-Fiqqar forces "pro Iranian militia" vows to attack US facilities in Iraq
SDF and the United States Military are building a New Base at Al-Baghuz,where SDF has closed off the area,the Goal of this New Base is to Iranian Moves at Al-Bukamal
Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein is in Iran to meet his counterpart Zarif and other high ranking Iranian officials. I wonder if the Iraqi FM will raise the issue of attacks against International Coalition by Iran-backed militias1 year ago
Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein is in Iran to meet his counterpart Zarif and other high ranking Iranian officials. I wonder if the Iraqi FM will raise the issue of attacks against International Coalition by Iran-backed militias
According to Washington Post's sources, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has recently sent a strongly worded letter to Iraqi officials, threatening to shut down the American Embassy in Baghdad if the attacks by Iran-backed militia against American targets continue
Iran backed Kataib Hezbollah commander Abu Ali al-Askari refuses the Iraqi PM order to stop the attacks against US interests in Iraq
The Secretary General of pro Iran Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba in Iraq call anti US forces to continue targeting US interests
1 year ago
An arms dealer in Gaza revealed to Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity that "the military factions in Gaza, headed by Hamas, possess distinct types of Iranian R-160 and Fajr-5 missiles with a range of 100 kilometers (62 miles)
Iran Supreme Leader representative in Syria: Islamic Republic will avenge general Soleimani soon
Another tragic incident. Our police force must be better protected, better trained and get stronger in combatting criminals without having to worry about endless paperwork and political correctness
Trump cuts aid for pro-democracy groups via Open Technology Fund (OTF) in Belarus, Hong Kong and Iran
Yemeni Defense Minister: We are confident of victory over the Iranian Houthi project, with the support of the coalition
Washington imposes new sanctions on Iran
Pompeo: Our humanitarian aid to the Syrian people comes to address the effects of the brutality of the government, Iran and Russia
Washington's sanctions included the two Iranian judges, "Syed Sadati" and "Muhammad Sultani"
The US sanctions included the Iranian Revolutionary Court in Shiraz
The US sanctions included 3 prisons in Iran, namely, "Adel Abad", "Urmia" and "Wakil Abad."
Deir ez-Zor: conflict between Iranian Revolutionary Guards and "Suqur al-Jawiya" in Abu Kemal
Yemeni Defense Minister: The Iranian project does not target Yemen only, but the entire Arab region
1 year ago
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov: Russia will not heed the US threats to improve cooperation with Iran. We hope that countries interested in Iran will take a principled stance and will not yield to US pressure.
Iraq suspends all flights to Iran
Israel Defense Forces: Hezbollah and Iran—the world's most toxic long-distance relationship. This is how Iran arms its proxy in Lebanon over 600 miles away
1 year ago
Zarif: We hope that Russia will be able to make the Security Council able to stand up to US unilateral actions
Zarif: We discussed the nuclear deal, American pressure, and Washington's violation of Security Council resolutions regarding Iran
US State Department: The Popular Mobilization Forces supported by Iran are an obstacle to the stability of Iraq
Iran IRGC has opened a new naval base today-the Shaheed Rahbari base near port of Sirik. It took six years to build. Steady stream of announcements this week for 40th anniversary of Sacred Defense-new radar systems, delivery of drones, & a base
U.S. Special Envoy for Iran Elliott Abrams announces to U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee that U.S. will announce new sanctions on Iran today, including on the judge who sentenced Navid Afkari to death
Zarif: The United States is fighting an economic war against Russia, Iran and China with the greatest possible pressure
The Iranian Revolutionary Guard reveals that it has established a new naval military base on the Strait of Hormuz from its eastern side
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