28 October 2021
The Iranian militias were mobilized in Al-Mayadeen, and heavy gunfire was fired in Al-Jardaq Street in the city center, with the streets cleared. Ambulances headed towards the desert to transport the wounded and dead militia members. Three explosions hit the Iranian Revolutionary Guards' positions in the Mayadin desert
French Foreign Minister: We call for the resumption of the Vienna negotiations on the Iranian nuclear deal as soon as possible
Prime Minister of Israel: Iran spread destruction in Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen and Gaza
Israeli Prime Minister: Iran wants nuclear weapons to dominate the Middle East
"All red lines have been crossed" by Iran with its nuclear weapons program, @naftalibennett tells UNGA
1 month ago
Khamenei: You the youth should prepare to begin to clarify & disclose. This is the path LadyZainab took during the 40 days from Ashura to Arbaeen. Many truths need to be clarified, & it's misleading to keep public opinion in confusion. This movement for clarification removes confusion
1 month ago
Khamenei: You young people can promote true, correct thoughts in the internet & struggle on the path of God. Of course, the main point is to do this while being ethical and avoiding the use of curses, deception and lies in the face of public opinion. Logic must be embellished with ethics
1 month ago
Khamenei: The way of ImamHussain is a sweet, successful path that will definitely bring results. Using Imam Hussain's teachings, one can reach the peaks of spiritual and material felicity. This is the path to be travelled
1 month ago
Khamenei: The 40 days from Ashura to Arbaeen was a crucial time in Islam's history. As Ashura saw the utmost struggle & sacrifice, these 40 days saw the utmost struggle with elucidations & exposures. The move by the Prophet's family immortalized Karbala & complemented this sacrifice
IAEA denied access to nuclear complex due to 'security and judicial investigations': Iran
Iran-Saudi track 1 diplomacy, NSC secretary @alishamkhani_ir and Saudi foreign affairs minister @AdelAljubeir meet in Baghdad, per @jadehiran quoting an Arab diplomatic source
Fire hit a research center in Tehran, according to IRCG. Several people wounded
IRGC: "Earlier today, a fire broke out in one of the IRGC self sustainability research centers in western Tehran which left 3 personnel injured. The fire has been extinguished and the injured personnel were transferred to the hospital
Fire injured 8 people at IRGC self-sufficiency research centre west of Tehran
1 month ago
Khamenei: The WarVeterans are legacies from the times of arduous struggle and they're teachers of sincere effort. One should appreciate their accounts of the honorable era of the SacredDefense, and their honest narratives of those events must be conveyed to eager ears and hearts
1 month ago
Khamenei: The learned clergyman & scholar in multiple disciplines, the late Ayatollah Hasanzadeh Amoli, was a distinguished figure whose likes are very rare to find in each era. His writings & works will always remain a valuable source for the lovers of knowledge & wisdom, God willing
Iran's FM: We are ready to resume Vienna nuclear talks soon
1 month ago
Hezbollah in Lebanon announced today (Friday) the arrival of the second diesel ship that had left Iran for the port of Banias in Syria on Thursday evening
U.S. media: The patience of Washington and its allies on Iran will not last forever
US says 'no indication' Iran wants to return to nuclear deal
Interesting Iranian cargo Qeshm Fars Air 747 EP-FAA airborne from Addis Ababa Ethiopia
1 month ago
Khamenei: The sincere sacrifices of the dead & fighters in the SacredDefense brought victory to the Iranian nation, & their pure blood recorded the truth of the Islamic Republic in history. This is the great lesson from them: wherever sincere efforts are made, victory & glory follow
Iran's military convoy have passed the city of Piranshahr and they are heading to Iraqi Kurdistan border to attack, the Iranian Kurdish militants based in neighbouring Iraq's Kurdistan region
Borrell: Resuming nuclear negotiations will not be through pressure, but rather by convincing the Iranians of their need for an agreement to revitalize the economy
The U.S. and Israel held secret talks on Iran last week to discuss a possible "plan B" if nuclear talks are not resumed - Axios article
U.S. Central Command: Amphibious transport dock ship USS San Antonio (LPD 17), front right, and amphibious assault ship USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7) transit the Suez Canal, Sept. 20. @USMARCENT Marines @US5thFleet
Mahan Air flight IRM5130 departed Mazar-i-Sharif Afghanistan
Iranian Air Force B-747-200 EP-BHC en route to Syria1 month ago
Iranian Air Force B-747-200 EP-BHC en route to Syria
Iranian Handysize tanker FOREST (9283760) just entered the Suez Canal. She is carrying fuel that is earmarked for Hezb'Allah's distribution in Lebanon. This is the second such tanker. A third is about to depart Iran after a brief stop at another port.
Iran President Raisi that Iran wants a resumption of nuclear talks with world powers to lead to the removal of US sanctions
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