17 January 2022
US State Department condemns violence against protesters in Iran
US officials to Axios: No more concessions to Iran over return to nuclear deal
5 month ago
Khamenei: Congratulations on this auspicious occasion of EidAlGhadeer to all Muslims and all believers. Congratulations to our dear nation too. May our people's hearts be filled with happiness & may the problems that exist be resolved, God willing
Israel's envoy to the United Nations: Iran continues to strive to become a nuclear state
Assad during his meeting with the Iranian parliament speaker: Cooperation will continue until the restoration of Syrian lands
Khamenei: Washington stipulated return to the nuclear agreement with subsequent discussions on missiles and influence
5 month ago
Khamenei: The West & the US are totally unjust & malicious in their negotiations. They have no hesitation in breaching their commitments at all. In the previous agreement, they breached their commitments & they give no guarantee they will abide by their commitments in the future either
5 month ago
Khamenei: In the recent nuclear talks, the Americans staunchly insisted on their obstinate stance. When making promises & on paper they say they'll remove sanctions, but in practice they didn't & won't. Then they say new articles should be added to the deal that already exists
Iran Leader: In latest round of talks, US insisted on inclusion of a sentence in deal that obliges Iran to engage in broader talks in future, or else there'll be no deal. That's a pretext for future interference in missile & regional issues
5 month ago
Khamenei: Administrations should utterly avoid tying their plans to negotiations with the West, for they'll certainly fail. This administration too, wherever it relied on negotiations with the West & the US, they were unsuccessful, & when they relied on domestic potential, they succeeded
5 month ago
Khamenei: Others should use the experience of Mr. Rouhani's govt. One experience is distrusting the West. In this administration it became clear that trusting the West isn't helpful. They don't help and they strike a blow wherever they can. When they didn't, it was because they couldn't
5 month ago
Khamenei: In minutes: Statements from the last meeting with outgoing President Rouhani and his Cabinet members regarding the nuclear talks
Jul. 27 - Isfahan, central Iran Locals tear down/torch a banner of Khamenei while chanting "Isfahan, Khuzestan, unite. Unite." in support of Iran Protests for water in the SW province of Khuzestan where 12+ protesters were killed by security forces last week.
IRGC Qods commander Ismail Qaani is in Baghdad and "will meet Iraqi officials tomorrow" & correction: Earlier 2 other officials had denied that Qaani is in Iraq but now strong Iraqi sources confirmed it
Isfahan, central Iran: Locals chant "We don't want the Islamic Republic." and "Isfahan, Khuzestan, unite. Unite." in support of Iran Protests for water in the SW province of Khuzestan where 12+ protesters were killed by security forces last week.
Isfahan, central Iran More footage of tonight's Iran Protests in Isfahan in protests for water in the SW province of Khuzestan where 12+ protesters were killed by security forces last week
Islamic security forces attacked Protesters in Kermanshah using tear gas and live ammunition.
The Iranian Ministry of Security: The arrest and dismantling of a network working for the Israeli Mossad with a shipment of weapons after they entered the country from its western borders
Classified documents, allegedly from Iran, reveal research into how a cyber attack could be used to sink a cargo ship or blow up a fuel pump at a petrol station. They also explore maritime comms & systems that run lights/heating in buildings
5 month ago
Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia arrests smugglers between Syria and Iraq working under its command
Pro-Assad forces and Iranian militias publish a video of military reinforcements heading to Daraa, southern Syria
5 month ago
RSAF conducts 2 airstrikes on Iran-backed Houthi positions in Al-Bayda' Yemen
Protest in Tabriz
Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council: Iran has not respected the sovereignty of countries and its behavior is destabilizing in the region
Iranian Foreign Ministry: The accusations of the UN commissioner regarding the events of Khuzestan are false
Iranian websites citing a police spokesman: All sensitive points in Khuzestan are under control
Ahmad Khatami, a member of Iran's Guardian Council & Tehran's Friday Prayers leader: We expect Raisi to get rid of this "foreign cyberspace" as Russia did. Americans want to make our young people familiar with lust. We're opposed to a dirty and American cyberspace
A military base hosting coalition troops in Erbil province was attacked with a drone on Friday morning, @OIRSpox told Rudaw on Saturday. Comes ahead of Iraq's prime minister's visit to Washington & after relative lull in such attacks
IRGC commander Hossein Salami has arrived in Ahvaz amidst continued water shortage protests in Khuzestan
The man in the blue and white t-shirt is Meysam Echresh. He was only 23 years & a truck driver in Bandar Abbas. After hearing about protests, he travelled to Mahshahr & was shot dead by Iranian government security forces in khuzestan
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