4 December 2021
A Russian flagged tanker is currently anchored at Canakkale, Turkey laden with Iranian oil. The vessel is signaling its destination as a port in Russia.1 month ago
A Russian flagged tanker is currently anchored at Canakkale, Turkey laden with Iranian oil. The vessel is signaling its destination as a port in Russia.
1 month ago
Khamenei: Measures taken by female volunteers behind the frontlines of the 1980-1988 war were amazing. They would cook food, can fruits, bake bread & wash the soldiers' bloody clothes & the hospitals' bloody sheets One feels humble before all this service offered by these women
1 month ago
Khamenei: Parents sending sons to the front even though they could possibly never return, & wives letting their husbands fight invading forces even though they could be slayed — could these have stemmed from anything but a religious, divine outlook This potent element should be analyzed
1 month ago
Khamenei: As for honoring dead, good measures have been taken. However, you should come up with new ideas. This should include sociological & psychological analyses & interpretations of the dead' memoirs based on & including the powerful element of religion. This is very important
1 month ago
Khamenei: Commemoration of the dead should not be considered to be an ordinary, everyday act. This is truly a great deed and a duty that is not yet over and has just started. This will continue and it must continue
1 month ago
Iran and Armenia struck a new transit route agreement. This agreement could exacerbate Iran's tensions with Azerbaijan, which were triggered by a land transport dispute
1 month ago
Khamenei: What is this hillside & this path Sincerity, sacrifice, honesty, spirituality, endeavor, forgiving others, paying attention to God, helping people, working for justice & making efforts to establish the rule of religion. If you travel on this path, you may reach the peak
1 month ago
Khamenei: #Suicide attack is a peak, and a peak without a hillside has no meaning. Many of us dream of reaching the peak. Thus, we must tread over the hillside and find our way on the slopes leading to the peak. Reaching the peak is impossible without passing over the hillside
1 month ago
Khamenei: Martyrs are winners in the world's best deal, "O you who have faith, shall I guide you to a deal that saves you from a painful punishment Have faith in God & His Messenger & strive for His cause with your wealth & your lives. This is best for you, should you know." [61:10-11]
1 month ago
Khamenei: Martyrs have been chosen, chosen by God, the Exalted. The dead have selected the right path, so God chose them to be guided to the destination. The value of the dead is incalculable using our materialistic calculations
Oil falls after U.S. stockpiles expand and investors weigh the possibility that Iran may revive exports
US State Department to Al Jazeera: We are ready to return to Vienna and an understanding on mutual compliance is still possible
1 month ago
Iran-backed Houthis launched a ballistic missile on al-Jarashah village in al-Jubah district south of Marib governorate, residents said. Civilian casualties reported
Iran's top nuclear negotiator says nuclear talks with six powers will resume by end of November
Iran ready for direct talks with European parties to 2015 nuclear deal
1 month ago
Raqqa "Iraqi Hezbollah" militia raided Al-Kawakibi school in Alsabkha city, east of Raqqa, and arrested two Islamic education teachers on charges of (Giving religious lessons to students warning them of the Iranian ideology and the Iranian tide in the area)
1 month ago
Taliban places Jund-u-Allah, a Blouch terrorist group fighting with Iranian gov, in Herat. Rigi's fighters have a camp close to the Iranian borders. Rigi was killed by Iran years ago. While ago Iranian Blouchi Imam announced his support for Taliban's Emarat
A group calling itself "predatory sparrow" has claimed today's nationwide cyber-attack on Iran's petrol stations, also claiming responsibility for a similar attack on Iran's railway network earlier this year. The claims are unconfirmed and must be treated with caution
Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri Kani has arrived in Brussels for his meeting with the EU tomorrow
Another Iranian condensate cargo to begin unloading in Venezuela -document
The US ambassador in Baghdad stresses the need for Iran not to interfere in Iraq's affairs
US National Security Adviser: The door to negotiations with Iran will not remain open forever, and we seek a unified international position
Iran's semiofficial ISNA news agency said it saw those trying to buy fuel with a government-issued card through fuel machines instead receive a message reading "cyberattack 64411," the phone number to government Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei's office
IRGC Telegram channel confirms a cyber attack has completely shut down the country's "smart fuel system"
Iran says cyberattack blocks fuel distribution at gas stations
Video from Esfahan showing hacked boards asking "Khamenei where is our fuel?"
1 month ago
Yemeni Minister of Information: Stopping arms smuggling from Iran to Al-Houthi is a first step towards peace
Many Iranian sites report a cyber attack against gas stations in Iran. There is a sudden outage of fuel system already for a few hours
On anniversary of 2019 fuel protests, Iran's gas station systems have come under a cyber-attack, disrupting distribution of subsidized fuel and creating long queues of cars across Iran. Street billboards have also been hacked, showing messages like: Khamenei, where's our fuel?
Another US official tells the attack on alTanf base in Syria involved 5 Iranian drones
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