28 جولای 2021
PM Netanyahu confirms that Israel acted against Iran weapons smuggling to Hamas Sudan years ago
Yemen's Information Minister: Iran's sending of an ambassador to the Houthis in Sanaa undermines the positive atmosphere
تصاویر بیشتر از تجهیزات نظامی سپاه ایران که به سمت دلال شمالی در حرکت است
Yemeni Minister of Information Al-Eryani: We demand a firm international stance to stop Iran's interference in Yemen
9 month ago
Khamenei: The health professionals' performance in combating COVID19 has been extremely brilliant & is Jihad on the path of God. I also sincerely and wholeheartedly appreciate the researchers' efforts to develop new medicines & a vaccine for fighting COVID19
9 month ago
Khamenei: 3.Meticulous monitoring of country's entry points, limiting needless travel between cities, convincing ppl& strict enforcement of regulations. 4.Public education on virus spread & prevention, using local resources such as mosques & the Basij. 5.Strict punishment of offenders
9 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 - 46 km SW of Abhar, Iran
9 month ago
Khamenei: My recommendations for combating this new phase of COVID19: 1. The urgent launching of a base of operation to execute decisions made by the National Committee on Combating COVID19. 2. The Health Ministry being the prime decision maker of limitations
9 month ago
Khamenei: It's alright to criticize but this is different from insulting & denigrating. Denigrating is the US's way in debates, etc. They have disgraced themselves in the world to the extent that a prominent American political figure said the world is watching the US in horror & scorn
9 month ago
Khamenei: We stress the need for unity & internal harmony within the country. Certain recent measures to denigrate the administration & the President @HassanRouhani were wrongful; I declare this firmly. Criticism is different from denigrating, & denigrating is religiously forbidden
9 month ago
Khamenei: The goal of this meeting, arranged at the President's invitation, is to address the regretful situation of COVID19 in the country, & the need for increased efforts & new initiatives to combat this virus. Of course, a Fall resurgence in Covid-19 is happening all over the world
Pompeo adds members of IRGC's cyber operations unit to the terrorist watchlist. "Those with the technical & educational skills required to carry out malicious cyber acts should take note; we will hold accountable those who join the IRGC & carry out malicious cyber activities
Statement from @SecPompeo on Iran sanctions related to #Election2020
سربازان روسی هنوز در مرز ارمنستان حضور دارند. فیلم از طرف مرز ایران گرفته شده است. با پیشرفت سنگین دیروز ، نیروهای مسلح آذربایجان مرز ارمنستان را پلمپ کردند9 month ago
سربازان روسی هنوز در مرز ارمنستان حضور دارند. فیلم از طرف مرز ایران گرفته شده است. با پیشرفت سنگین دیروز ، نیروهای مسلح آذربایجان مرز ارمنستان را پلمپ کردند
Trump: We hope that Iran will get back on the right track
9 month ago
Netanyahu: If a new agreement is proposed with Iran, it would be welcome
9 month ago
Trump invites reporters into the Oval Office while he is talking to Israeli and Sudanese leaders on the phone. Netanyahu: "We are expanding their circle of peace so rapidly with your leadership". Trump: "there are many, many more coming"
An explosion causes a fire at a petrochemical plant in southwestern Iran
Explosions followed by fire earlier today at Khormosi Petrochemical Company in Bandar-e Emam, Mahshahr County, Khuzestan Province, Iran. Cause of explosions unknown
9 month ago
Iran has imposed sanctions on the US ambassador to Iraq and two other US diplomats.
Iran records a record number of 6,134 injuries and another 335 deaths
Hajj Askar makes daily morning tours of the observation and engagement points in the city of Albu Kamal and its countryside, as well as visits the headquarters of Iranian militias and inspects the needs of the elements himself. A morning photo of an Iranian militia van roaming the city of Albu Kamal
The U.S. government was able to attribute the fake Proud Boys emails to Iran within days because the hackers left behind clues that could be cross-referenced with other sources such as "communications interceptions," according to Reuters
U.S. administration officials have been watching Russia's FSB penetrate state and local systems in recent weeks and believe they have pieced together Russia's plans for election interference.
9 month ago
An Iranian opposition activist was killed in Toronto, Canada
Turkey's President Erdogan and his Iranian counterpart Rouhani discuss fight against terrorism, Syria and Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict in a phone call
A military convoy of the SDF supported by the international coalition warplanes raided the river crossings in Al-Shuhail, "the Hassan crossing and the Euphrates crossing," and detonated the ferries that transport smuggled materials to the areas of the Assad government and Iranian militias at the other end of the river
9 month ago
الهام علی اف: با کنترل شهرک آگبند ، کنترل کامل مرزهای دولتی آذربایجان و جمهوری اسلامی ایران تضمین شده است.
Top 4 nation-state threats to US: China North Korea Iran & Russia, @TheJusticeDept Asst AG John Demers tells @CSIS
9 month ago
Tehran summons the ambassador of Switzerland and informs him of its protest against Washington's accusation of interfering in the U.S. elections
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