1 October 2023
Saravan, southeast. Iran Protesters chanting: "Death to the IRGC paramilitary Basij."
Ahvaz, SW Iran An IRGC paramilitary Basij Force base in the city's Kut-Abdullah district was attacked by protesters using Molotov cocktails
Sada Al-Sharqiya reporter from Al-Mayadin city, an explosion at Al-Mayadin river crossing, which is under the control of Assad forces and Iranian militias.
Iran's government spokesman: We're getting close to a world where there is no West
Israeli Defense Minister: We are able to target Iran's nuclear facilities
Mahabad, NW Iran Protesters are in control of numerous districts in this city, according to local activists
Jam, S Iran: Protesters threw Molotov cocktails to set fire to the office of the head of Friday Prayers who is also Khamenei's rep. in the city10 month ago
Jam, S Iran: Protesters threw Molotov cocktails to set fire to the office of the head of Friday Prayers who is also Khamenei's rep. in the city
Bukan, northwest Iran: Locals are on strike and continuing the nationwide protests against the government on the 55th day of the uprising.
Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, in a meeting with his Russian counterpart, said Tehran welcomes and supports any initiative that can lead to a ceasefire and peace between Ukraine and Russia. He also said Iran is ready to play a role in ending the war
In Tehran The Secretary-General of the Russian National Security Council discusses with his Iranian counterpart ways to "confront Western interference"
The European Union is considering expanding sanctions against Iran and coordinating them with other countries
Kurdish human rights organization: a massive strike in the cities of western Iran to protest the killing of demonstrators in Zahedan
Secretary of the Russian Security Council Patrushev held Russian-Iranian security consultations in Tehran with his Iranian counterpart Shamkhani
Iran carries out the first execution of two people in Zahedan against the backdrop of protests
10 month ago
Al Mayadeen reports that Israel was behind an air strike on a convoy carrying fuel across the Iraqi border into Syria yesterday. Per AP, at least 10 people were killed, some of whom were Iranian
10 month ago
Confirmed info Tonight's airstrikes on Al Bukamal, Iraqi-Syria border was NOT a US strike, a senior US official confirms. Centcom is investigating the attack at the moment. There are reports of civilian casualties
10 month ago
Khamenei: What is meant by "Middle East" Any region far from Europe is called the Far East, close to Europe is Near East, & anything in between is MiddleEast. Europe is the benchmark for these names. The West claimed such rights for themselves. Don't say the Middle East; say WestAsia
Iraqi minister of defense reaffirmed that Iraqi forces welcome every support from the military forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran
10 month ago
Ukraine's president Zelensky has called Israeli elected PM Netanyahu to congratulated him for his victory
Protests in Bukan today
Iran's Ministry of Intelligence said it 26 "takfiri militants" were arrested, all of themfrom Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan
10 month ago
Khamenei: Some say when you chant "Down with the US," this causes the US to become hostile toward you. But no. No one was chanting "Down with the US" in 1953 when the US toppled a government in Iran that had been elected by the people. But they inflicted the blow they had in mind
Marivan, West Iran: After sunset more protesters are taking to the streets and taking control of their districts, according to local activists
10 month ago
Khamenei: Today, Western powers are gradually losing their political, scientific, cultural & economic dominance, & these will be transferred from the West to Asia in the new world order. Asia will become the center of science & economy, & also the political & military power of the world
10 month ago
Khamenei: The US has fully staffed military bases in many places including in our region, in Europe & in Asia. The money for these bases is taken from the unfortunate host countries. This will end in the future new world order & the US will be forced to end its presence across the globe
10 month ago
Khamenei: The current world order is changing & a new order will prevail, which will have 3 main elements: the isolation of the US; a transfer of political, economic, cultural & scientific power from the West to Asia; & an expansion of the Resistance Front in its battle against aggression
Tehran, Iran Students of Sharif and Tehran University - North Pardis Branch are on strike and continuing the nationwide protests against the government on the 51st day of the uprising
Mashhad, northeast Iran. Local university students are continuing the nationwide protests against the government on the 51st day of the uprising.
Iran's foreign minister says his country provided Russia with drones "before the start of the war in Ukraine"
Iran FM: We gave limited number of drones to Russia months before Ukraine war, but no missiles. We agreed with Ukraine FM to give us evidence. Iranian delegation went to a European country 2 weeks ago, but Ukraine delegation didn't come due to US & Germany pressure
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