9 December 2023
Iraqi Security Media Cell says 4 rockets fall in the vicinity of Balad air base without any material damage or huamn losses
8 rockets fired at al-Balad military air base in Salahadin province, northern Iraq
1 year ago
Iran's missile capabilities "directly threaten their neighbors today" per @CENTCOM Gen McKenzie, pointing to Tehran firing "very accurate missiles" into Irbil Iraq over the weekend
Emirati vessel sank, 30 nmi away from Iranian Asaluyeh shores1 year ago
Emirati vessel sank, 30 nmi away from Iranian Asaluyeh shores
1 year ago
UAE ship sinks 30 miles away from Iran's Assaluyeh Port, according to IRNA news agency
1 year ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.8 - 57 km NNW of Bandar-e Lengeh, Iran
Iran FM @Amirabdolahian and UK FM @TrussLiz had a phone talk. UK has paid its long overdue debt to Iran. Iran released 2 British-Iranians, sending them back home today. Iran FM, in the phone call, hoped the confidence-building measures would pave the way for developing ties
1 year ago
Nazanin is at the airport in Tehran and on her way home
"The UK condemns the senseless attack by Iran on Erbil, which was an unprovoked violation of Iraqi sovereignty. We continue to support the security and stability of Iraq, including the Kurdistan Region of Iraq," UK Consul General to Erbil David Hunt told K24 on Tuesday
The US State Department: We will not allow Russia to use the nuclear agreement to evade the sanctions imposed on it as a result of Ukraine war
1 year ago
Iranian Foreign Minister: There is no connection between the events in Ukraine and the Vienna talks
Massive cyber attack on Israeli government websites. Israeli security official tells Israeli media, it's the largest cyber attack. Emergency situation declared
Iran's state television reported on Monday that security forces had thwarted planned sabotage at the country's major Fordow nuclear site by a network recruited by Israel.
The Iranian militias declare a state of alert, in the ranks of their brigades in the town of Ayash, west of Deir Ezzor, and abandon some of their positions in the fields, and take down their flags and banners from the headquarters, in anticipation of a possible US response, after the Guard militias adopted targeting the American consulate in Kurdistan, Iraq the day before yesterday
Iran FM @Amirabdolahian will travel to Moscow tomorrow on Tuesday to meet Russia FM Lavrov, said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman
Iraq's ministry of foreign affairs summons Iranian Ambassador in Baghdad, Iraj Masjidi, following the Iran's missile attack against Erbil
The IRGC says the Erbil attack was a response to "recent crimes" by Israel, indicating that the missile attack was a response to the killing of two IRGC members targeted in Syria. Top IRGC officials attended their memorial
1 year ago
Iran launched the missiles from the Seyed Al-Shohada barracks (37.903, 45.919°), a location used for missile launches in 2018
According to a senior US official, the missiles fired toward the US Consulate in Erbil emanated from Iran. Multiple missiles were fired. None hit the Consulate. No Americans were injured. US personnel do work and live in the vicinity of the Consulate
Missile attack on Erbil was launched from OUTSIDE Iraq, 12 ballistic missiles fired, Iraqi state media says, quoting anti-terrorism forces in Kurdistan - Reuters
Video taken from Iran Khordo Factory @  37.9004°, 45.9462° Inferred launch from trajectory, IRGC base near Khosrowshah1 year ago
Video taken from Iran Khordo Factory @ 37.9004°, 45.9462° Inferred launch from trajectory, IRGC base near Khosrowshah
Several explosions hits near US consulate compound in Erbil
1 year ago
Qatar FM had a phone talk with Iran FM discussing bilateral & regional issues as well as ViennaTalks. Iran FM criticized the US for raising new issues in Vienna talks & stressed that Iran is seriously working to reach a good, strong & durable agreement
1 year ago
Khamenei: You dear, young university students can shine in both short-term and longer-term duties and reinforce hope in the Associations, which are adorned by the blessed name of Islam. I ask God, the Almighty and Wise, to grant you increasing success
1 year ago
Khamenei: Dear students, Current political and military world events are a part of an expected HistoricTurn in the world. Elites' short-term duty is to identify the fronts and take the right stance. Longer-term they should play a role in directing events in favor of the front of truth
.@StateDeptSpox says the United States would not offer Russia any relief on Ukraine sanctions as a condition of continuing talks on the Iran nuclear deal
Washington: Tehran and Moscow should take "decisions" on the Iranian nuclear file
1 year ago
UK negotiator tweets that Iran agreement "likely to unravel" unless "external factors" resolved in the next few days
1 year ago
EU announces a pause in Iran nuclear talks due to "external factors."
1 year ago
U.S. seized Iranian oil cargo as Biden considers easing sanctions