16 Juli 2024
Putin and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi are participating via video-link on Wednesday in the signing ceremony of an agreement on the creation of the Rasht-Astara railway section in the republic
Azerbaijan has detained 7 people on charges of spying for Iran1 Jahr zuvor
Azerbaijan has detained 7 people on charges of spying for Iran
Security guards at Tehran University attacked students at the School of Fine Arts after a quarrel with a student over her head covering. The guards reportedly beat a number of students who had come to the defense of the female student
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In Moskau beginnt das Treffen der Außenminister Russlands, Syriens, der Türkei und des Iran
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UN Human Rights Chief Volker Türk: “On average so far this year, over 10 people are put to death each week in Iran, making it one the world’s highest executors
Iran’s new ambassador to Damascus says Iranian president Raisi will travel to Syria on Wednesday, May 3
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Iran army says two Iranian crew members are missing after the collision with the foreign tanker, which was seized by the navy
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US Navy Central Command says Iran's IRGC has seized the 'Advantage Sweet' oil tanker while it was transiting international waters in the Golf of Oman. The US 5th Fleet is monitoring the situation. The tanker was headed for the US
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Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 - southern Iran
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Turkish Minister of Defense: I discussed with the defense ministers of Syria Iran the strengthening of security in Syria and the normalization of relations between Ankara and Damascus
Treasury sanctions senior officials in Iran for protest suppression and internet censorship
Russia, China and Iran state media seeing growth on Twitter. Multiple accounts "began to gain followers after months of decline or stagnation" after apparent decision by Twitter to stop filtering them, per @DFRLab analysis
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Iran's navy forced a US submarine to surface as it entered the Gulf, Iranian navy commander Shahram Irani told state television on Thursday, in the latest report of an apparent confrontation between Iranian and US forces in the Gulf
Israeli Defense Minister: The army must prepare for war on all fronts simultaneously
“Microsoft assesses that Mint Sandstorm is associated with an intelligence arm of Iran’s military, IRGC, an assessment that has been corroborated by multiple credible sources including Mandiant, Proofpoint, and SecureWorks”
@Politico berichtet, dass China und Russland in fortgeschrittenen geheimen Gesprächen mit dem Iran sind, um die Vorräte der Islamischen Republik an Ammoniumperchlorat aufzufüllen, was auch Moskau helfen könnte, seinen erschöpften Raketenbestand aufzufüllen, und gegen UNSCR 2231 verstoßen würde
Reuters: Russia has begun transporting fuel supplies to Iran via rail
The Iranian Tasnim Agency says that an Iranian technical delegation may visit Riyadh tomorrow to make preparations for the reopening of the Iranian embassy in Saudi Arabia
Russian President Putin's special assistant met Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani in Tehran to discuss thwarting Western sanctions through ditching the dollar in bilateral transactions in the hope that this would weaken the US currency
The Israeli army: We are investigating Iran's role in the missile launches
Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman: The Foreign Minister's meeting with his Saudi counterpart was positive, and it can be said that official relations between the two countries have been activated
Per the joint statement, Saudi FM renewed his invitation for Iran FM to visit SaudiArabia. Iranian FM also invited Saudi FM to visit Tehran for a bilateral meeting
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IED most likely belongs to ISIS explodes in a car carrying Iranian-backed militiamen in the eastern countryside of Homs, central Syria, killing five and injuring three
Iran says it foiled drone attack against ministry of defense complex in #Isfahan. Tasnim reports that it was a small drone that was shot down before causing any damage to the complex
Israeli FM @elicoh1: Spoke with French FM to coordinate measures to contain Iran’s nuclear program. Israel and France see eye to eye on danger of nuclear Iran. Only determined & coordinated action by West will lead to sanction that tighten the ring around neck of rule of terror in Tehran.
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Pentagon says USS George HW Bush carrier was repositioned "as a precaution" due to "increased attacks from #IRGC affiliated groups targeting our service members across across the area...but it's still in the purview of EUCOM."
The U.S. discussed with its European and Israeli partners a proposal for an interim agreement with Iran that would include some sanctions relief in exchange for Tehran freezing parts of its nuclear program
Reports a second IRGC member Moqdad Mehghani who was injured in the Israeli attack on the Damascus region a few nights ago has died. IRGC officer and advisor Milad Heydari was the first confirmed Iranian death in this attack
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Earthquake of magnitude 5.1 - 30 km SE of Mohr, Iran
Pakistan says that "militants" from the Iranian side killed four Pakistani border guards