24 Juli 2024
Iran’s top military commander had a phone call with Turkey defense minister, saying US support for Israel’s attacks on Gaza and sending arms further complicates the situation. He called for serious action to prevent the continued attacks on civilians in Gaza
Der Iran unterstütze Russland und die Hamas, sagt Präsident Biden.
Wenn wir uns aus der Ukraine zurückziehen, werden die Aggressoren ermutigt, dasselbe im Indopazifik und im Nahen Osten zu versuchen. Präsident Biden sagt, die USA würden auch den Iran „zur Rechenschaft ziehen"
9 Monat zuvor
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 38 km E of Kāzerūn, Iran
9 Monat zuvor
Explosions have been heard in the vicinity of the global coalition forces' base at "Al-Omar Field" in eastern Deirezzor
9 Monat zuvor
One dead and one wounded were among the Iranian-Lebanese press team and they were evacuated by the international UNIFIL forces that handed them over to the Lebanese side.
9 Monat zuvor
Reports that 2-3 missiles fired by Houthis intercepted by USS Carney, possibly targeting the US warship or launched at another target. US Navy destroyer intercepted missiles fired from Yemen on Thursday - DOD official
.@StateDept issues Worldwide Caution Security Alert for US citizens "Due to increased tensions in various locations around the world, the potential for terrorist attacks, demonstrations or violent actions.exercise increased caution"
Explosions of unknown origin have been heard near the Conoco Gaz field base in eastern Deir ez-Zur. It is believed that Iranian militias targeted the vicinity of the Conoco base where U.S. forces are based
9 Monat zuvor
Israeli Navy: Israel deploys its submarine fleet across Middle East to prepare for combat scenarios vs. Iran & Hezbollah; Israeli army bombed Hamas arsenal of unmanned mini-subs; Iron Dome intercepts rockets fired at Israeli gas rig at sea
Iran FM told Lebanon FM that the “US President's visit to Tel Aviv is provocative in current situation and right after the Israeli war crime in a Gaza hospital. Such a situation could trigger expansion of the war & unleash uncontrollable situation in the region at any moment”9 Monat zuvor
Iran FM told Lebanon FM that the “US President's visit to Tel Aviv is provocative in current situation and right after the Israeli war crime in a Gaza hospital. Such a situation could trigger expansion of the war & unleash uncontrollable situation in the region at any moment”
US rolls out sanctions vs individuals & entities in Iran, HongKong, China & Venezuela "that are enabling Iran’s destabilizing ballistic missile and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) programs" per @USTreasury
9 Monat zuvor
Iran FM said, "The possibility of the expansion of the war in the region is very serious in case the crimes of the Israeli government continue"
9 Monat zuvor
The Saudi Foreign Minister meets with his Iranian counterpart and discusses with him the ongoing military escalation in Gaza and its environs
Iran’s president, in a pro-Palestine rally in Tehran, said the attack on the hospital in Gaza will mark beginning of end to Israeli regime. He added that the normalization with Israel has faded against the backdrop of recent events. He also said “a harsh revenge” awaits Israel
Iranian Foreign Minister: The United States bears responsibility for the crimes committed in Gaza
Iranian Foreign Minister during the meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation blamed an attack at the Baptist Hospital in Gaza on Israel
Iran FM urged full boycott of Israel by the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, including expulsion of Israeli ambassadors, imposing oil embargoes against Israel, and documenting Israeli crimes and pursuing them in international courts
Foreign minister of Iran Abdullahian: We agree with Saudi Arabia on the need to stop war crimes against civilians, open the crossings, and stop the displacement of the population of Gaza.
9 Monat zuvor
The U.S. military thwarted an attack targeting its forces in Iraq early on Wednesday, intercepting two drones before they could strike, two U.S. officials told Reuters...The one-way attack drones were intercepted as they attempted to strike Iraq's al Asad air base, which hosts American troops, the officials said.
Iranian Embassy based in Damascus, Syria, writes in Hebrew: "time is up"
Die UN-Sanktionen gegen Irans Programm für ballistische Raketen und Drohnen sind gerade abgelaufen (19:00 Uhr ET, 12:00 Uhr GMT).
Iranian foreign minister: After the terrible crime of the Israeli government in the bombing and massacre of more than a thousand women and children in Al-Momadani Hospital, the time has come for the global unity of humanity against this fake government more hated than ISIS and its killing machine. Time is over
The Iranian President threatens Israel with a harsh response to its targeting of a hospital in Gaza
Iran declared a day of mourning tomorrow on Wednesday across the country, strongly condemning the Israeli attack on a hospital in Gaza. The statement urged Muslim countries to sever ties with Israel and expel its ambassadors
9 Monat zuvor
Earthquake of magnitude 5.4 - 64 km NNW of Bandar Abbas, Iran
9 Monat zuvor
Qatari report: The Biden administration warned the Iranian representative at the UN that if Iran intervenes directly in the conflict, the United States will act militarily
Iran says the EU move to maintain restrictions on Iran is a “clear violation of the EU and E3 obligations under the JCPOA and also an act of bad faith”, adding that Iranian FM, in two letters to EU FP chief, has informed the members to the JCPOA of Iran’s stance in this regard
9 Monat zuvor
Iran VP visits Minsk, meeting senior Belarus officials and discussing promotion of bilateral ties. Iran’s VP Mohammad Mokhber arrived in Minsk and was welcomed by Belarus PM. Both officials met discussing trade and political relations
9 Monat zuvor
The Pentagon announces that two thousand U.S. soldiers are on alert in anticipation of a possible deployment in the Middle East