25 July 2024
The Iraqi Foreign Minister: The Iranian side is committed not to bomb PKK bases inside Iraq
The Iraqi Foreign Minister: There is a war of assassinations and a cross-border war
The Iraqi Foreign Minister: There is great concern that the conflict will escalate in Iraq and in the region as well
6 month ago
A missile bombardment targets the Ain al-Assad base in Anbar Governorate, Iraq
Iranian President: The enemy knows our strength and our response to the Kerman attack will be determined by our forces at the appropriate time and place
Iranian President: The enemy knows that Iran has become a strong country and that our armed forces are ready
Biden administration officials are drawing up plans for the U.S. to respond to what they're increasingly concerned could expand from a war in Gaza to a wider, protracted regional conflict
Aircraft of the Royal Jordanian Air Force have reportedly just conducted at least Two Waves of Airstrikes on Warehouses and Facilities linked to Iranian and Assad-Backed Smugglers near the Town of al-Ghariyah al-Gharbiyah in Southwestern Syria, resulting in Significant Damage to
DOD official confirms US was behind a strike in Iraq today that killed Iran-backed militia leader Abu-Taqwa. He was actively involved in planning and carrying out attacks against American personnel
UN Security Council: We condemn in the strongest terms the cowardly terrorist attack that occurred in the city of Kerman in Iran
Reuters: ISIS claims responsibility for the Kerman bombings in Iran
ISIS claims responsibility for double attack in Kerman, Iran, killing at least 103 people and injuring 140 during commemorations of Qassem Soleimani's death
US State Department: Washington and Paris call for avoiding escalation in Lebanon and Iran
China’s president, in a message to Iran’s president, condemned the terrorist attacks in Kerman. China's President Xi Jinping on Thursday sent a message of condolences to Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi over the terror attacks in Kerman. Xi strongly condemned the terrorist attacks and said supports Iran's efforts in safeguarding national security and stability
Prime Minister of Iraq: The international coalition led by Washington bears responsibility for the "unprovoked" attack on Iraqi security forces
6 month ago
Wall Street Journal: Russia is moving forward with its plans to purchase Iranian ballistic missiles
Reuters, according to Iraqi police sources: At least two pro-Iranian faction fighters were killed and five others were wounded in Baghdad.
Iraqi police sources: Two dead and five injured in targeting of Iranian-backed factions in Baghdad
NBC: The U.S. does not believe Israel was behind the explosions in Iran today that killed over 100 people, according to four current and former U.S. officials
Kirby: We do not want to see an expansion of the conflict in the region
Saudi Arabia rejects terrorist bombings that targeted civilians in Iran
Bombing at tomb of Iran's former IRGC commander Qassem Soleimani - "We aren't at a point now where we have a lot of great detail" per NSC's Kirby "Our hearts go out to all the victims." but no details on who is responsible
The White House: The United States has no details regarding the Iranian bombings
The White House: The United States will continue to maintain a strong presence of its forces in the Middle East
Khamenei: The response to the Kerman explosions will be harsh, and the soldiers of Qasem Soleimani's path will not bear the crime
6 month ago
Hassan Nasrallah says that Qassem Soleimani was seeking to make the factions loyal to Iran reach self-sufficiency
Israeli Foreign Minister: Iran is working to destabilize the region
211 wounded and 103 killed in today’s twin explosions in Kerman in an event marking the fourth anniversary of the killing of Qassem Soleimani
The Iranian President: There is no doubt that the perpetrators of the Kerman bombings and those behind them will be identified and punished
Iran’s Raisi condemns “heinous” twin blasts that killed 103