22 July 2024
The French government has passed messages to Iran warning the government not to escalate. In the meantime, French citizens are advised to refrain from traveling to Iran, Lebanon, Israel and the Palestinian territories in and diplomats's families being pulled out of Tehran
During a phone call with his Jordanian counterpart, the US Secretary of State discussed ways to avoid further escalation in the region by Iran
3 month ago
Germany calls on its citizens to leave Iran
President Biden says he expects an attack by Iran "sooner rather than later." Says Iran will not succeed and that the US is devoted to the defense of Israel. In a message to Iran, Biden says, "Don't."
“We are devoted to the defense of Israel. We will support Israel and help defend Israel and Iran will not succeed.” - @POTUS
Biden says he expects an Iranian attack on Israel sooner rather than later. "My expectation is sooner than later."
3 month ago
Appears that a number of F-15Es have been redeployed from RAF Lakenheath in Norfolk to the Middle East this Afternoon
NATO E-3A Sentry AWACS aircraft out from Geilenkirchen, possibly Middle East/Mediterranean Bound3 month ago
NATO E-3A Sentry AWACS aircraft out from Geilenkirchen, possibly Middle East/Mediterranean Bound
The Egyptian Foreign Minister to his U.S. counterpart: We warn of the dangers of expanding the conflict in the region
"Israel and the US have been terrified by the slap and revenge promised by Iran," General Yahya Rahim-Safavi, a top military aide to Iran's supreme leader says
The Israeli army on the Iranian response: Our defenses are ready, but we are also ready to attack
Israeli army spokesman: Iran is escalating tensions in the region
Italian Foreign Minister on Iranian-Israeli tensions: All parties must show responsibility
Israeli Chief of Staff: We are in a state of war and we are constantly following developments in Iran and other arenas
Iran sent a message to the Biden administration through several Arab countries earlier this week: if the U.S. gets involved in the fighting between Israel and Iran, U.S. forces in the region will be attacked, three U.S. officials
Israeli Chief of Staff: We are ready to deal with potential threats in coordination with the United States
Israeli army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi wrapped up a "comprehensive" assessment of the military's "readiness for all scenarios," a short while ago, before meeting CENTCOM chief Gen. Michael Erik Kurilla, the army says
The Israeli government is assessing the readiness of the war rooms and preparing for a variety of scenarios
NSC's John Kirby says there continues to be a "very credible," "viable" and "imminent" threat from Iran to Israeli targets, noting President Biden is being briefed multiple times a day by his national security team. U.S. and Israeli counterparts are "taking it seriously"
U.S. official told Al Jazeera: We are moving additional military capabilities to the region to enhance regional deterrence and measures to protect our forces
The US on Friday deployed a missile ship with advanced defense capabilities near the Israeli shores in order to help Israel in case it is attacked with missiles by Iran in the near future, Israel's Channel 14 reported3 month ago
The US on Friday deployed a "missile ship with advanced defense capabilities" near the Israeli shores in order to "help Israel in case it is attacked with missiles by Iran in the near future," Israel's Channel 14 reported
Defense Minister Yoav Gallant met with CENTCOM chief Gen. Michael Erik Kurilla at the Hatzor Airbase a short while ago to discuss "readiness for an Iranian attack against the State of Israel, which may lead to regional escalation," his office says
The White House: U.S. will have to consider the status of its forces after the Iranian threat
The White House: The United States will protect its people and facilities from Iranian threats
Germany’s @lufthansa has extended the suspension of its flights to and from Tehran until Thursday, April 18, due to the current situation in the Middle East, @dpa_intl reported, citing a company spokesperson
The Israeli Defense Minister on the possible Iranian attack: We know how to respond
Israeli Defense Minister: The world knows well that Iran is planning attacks throughout the Middle East
The White House: We are aware of the very public and credible threat regarding Israel's attacks on Iran
Israel war cabinet is meeting over the expected Iranian attack and Israel response to it
Bloomberg, citing Israeli sources: Israel is preparing for an unprecedented attack by Iran
3 month ago
The Indian Foreign Ministry advises its citizens "not to travel to Iran and Israel until further notice."
3 month ago
India: Our citizens in Iran and Israel should observe precautions regarding their safety and restrict their movements to a minimum
In the presence of the Ministers of the War Council. Netanyahu tonight conducts a security assessment regarding the "possible Iranian response"
Two US officials have told CBS News that a major Iranian attack on Israel is expected as soon as tonight, with some 100 UAVs and dozens of missiles intended for attacks on Israeli military infrastructure
France calls its citizens to avoid from traveling to Israel, Iran and Lebanon
U.S. official told Al Arabiya: Any attack by Iran on our interests will be considered an escalation that deserves a response
Israeli media: The army and Mossad agree on plans to strike Iran if Israel is attacked from Iranian territory
US Defense Secretary Austin complained to his Israeli counterpart Gallant that Israel did not notify the US before its attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, which the Pentagon sees as increasing risks to American forces in the region: Washington Post
3 month ago
CENTCOM: At approximately 1:00 p.m. (Sanaa time) on April 11, United States Central Command (CENTCOM) forces successfully engaged and destroyed one anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM) launched over the Red Sea from Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist-controlled areas in Yemen. There were no injuries or damage reported by U.S., coalition, or commercial ships. It was determined the ASBM presented an imminent threat to U.S., coalition, and merchant vessels in the region. These actions are taken to protect freedom of navigation and make international waters safer and more secure for U.S., coalition, and merchant vessels
US embassy in Israel calls its citizens to stay in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva areas amid the anticipated Iranian response
The Iranian ambassador to Iraq: The response to the Israeli attack in Damascus will preserve "the privacy of the countries of the region"
Pentagon confirms 2nd call Thursday between @SecDef Lloyd Austin & Israel DefMin Yoav Gallant nnCall was "to reaffirm the US ironclad commitment to Israel's security against threats from Iran & its proxies" per @PentagonPresSec
Iran has signalled to US that it will respond to Israel's attack on its Syrian embassy in a way that aims to avoid major escalation and it will not act hastily: Iranian sources told Reuters
3 month ago
Iranian Foreign Minister: We do not seek to expand the scope of the war in the region
3 month ago
Iranian Foreign Minister to his British counterpart: Iran has never sought to expand tensions in the region
The White House: We do not want the conflict to spread to the Middle East
The White House: We informed Iran that Washington had no role in the attack on the consulate
French President: We warned Iran against attacking Israel
3 month ago
Germany's foreign minister Annalena Baerbock discussed the tense situation in the Middle East with her Iranian counterpart and urged all sides to act responsibly and exercise restraint, the foreign ministry in Berlin said on Thursday
The Israeli Army: We maintain a high state of readiness and preparedness to deal with various scenarios
The Saudi Foreign Minister discusses by phone with his U.S. counterpart ways to reduce escalation in the region
Israeli army spokesman: There is no change in the current instructions for the home front
3 month ago
Russian Foreign Ministry: We are communicating with Iran after the Israeli attack on its consulate in Damascus
Iran's mission to the United Nations: A response can be avoided if the United Nations condemns the attack on our consulate in Damascus
3 month ago
British Prime Minister @RishiSunak: “The threats from Iran (against Israel) are unacceptable and we, like the Americans, fully support Israel's right to defend itself against that.”
Iran’s FM told his German counterpart that “the reason why Germany's efforts to establish a cease-fire in Gaza have been fruitless should be found in the lack of German neutrality in this genocide”
The Israeli Mossad denies publishing a photo on its official account with the words "Tehran before" written on it.
Netanyahu: Israel is prepared for all scenarios and challenges on other fronts
3 month ago
The Kremlin: Everyone must exercise restraint to ensure that stability in the Middle East is not destabilized
3 month ago
The Russian presidency calls on Iran and Israel to exercise "restraint"
3 month ago
The Kremlin: The Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus violated all principles of international law