22 July 2024
US National Security Advisor: The United States will impose new sanctions on Iran in the coming days
Iranian Ground Forces Commander: Anyone who attacks our land will face punishment, and the era of hit and run has passed. Iranian Ground Forces Commander: Israel must know that we have imposed a new rule to respond to all aggression
Prime Minister of Iraq: Iran cannot be involved in every issue related to the Iraqi situation
U.S. official: Israel has not yet informed us of a decisive position regarding how it will respond to the Iranian attack
US State Department: Washington has not yet been informed in detail about the evacuation plans from Rafah or the humanitarian considerations for a possible Israeli operation.
There is unanimity in the Israeli cabinet that there must be a response on Iranian soil "in the near future", according to Israel's Channel 13
Kirby: The decision to respond to Iran rests with Israel, and President Joe Biden does not want the scope of the conflict to expand
3 month ago
The British and German Foreign Ministers will visit Israel in order to pressure it not to respond to Iran
Borrell: Union ministers called on all actors in the Middle East to move away from the abyss
Netanyahu: Iran stands behind Hamas and Hezbollah, and we are determined to win and defend ourselves on all fronts
De-escalation attempt: Annalena Baerbock will travel to Israel this afternoon.We will talk about how further escalation can be prevented", the German Foreign Minister said at presser with Jordan's Ayman Safadi.She added that the EU must "finally" agree new Iran sanctions3 month ago
De-escalation attempt: Annalena Baerbock will travel to Israel this afternoon."We will talk about how further escalation can be prevented", the German Foreign Minister said at presser with Jordan's Ayman Safadi.She added that the EU must "finally" agree new Iran sanctions
The Israeli Army: The Northern Command is conducting field exercises that include plans to respond to any possible scenarios
3 month ago
German Foreign Minister: Berlin supports Israel and the Iranian attack on Tel Aviv will have consequences
3 month ago
German Foreign Minister: Iran must stop the proxy war it is conducting through the Houthis and others
Axios: U.S. is preparing to impose new sanctions on Iran after its attack on Israel
Channel 12: The political and security leadership in Israel decided that the response to Iran's attack would be firm and not push the region into war
Iran President Raisi told the Emir of Qatar that Tehran "will respond to any action against its interests" after Israel said it will respond to its drones and missiles attack
3 month ago
US National Security Adviser Sullivan has postponed a visit to India that was scheduled for this week due to "ongoing events in the Middle East", according to US Embassy in New Delhi
3 month ago
The United Nations nuclear watchdog chief said on Monday he is concerned about Israel possibly targeting Iranian nuclear facilities, but that International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspections of Iranian facilities would resume on Tuesday
.@PentagonPresSec also says Iran did not provide early warning
Iranian DepFM Ali Bagheri says that Iran will respond to a new mistake by Israel “in seconds, not in days or hours”. He said, “This time, they will not have 12 days”
Iranian official told Al Jazeera that "We do not want war, but we are ready for it if it is imposed on us, and our options are wide. We have the full will to respond militarily to Israeli again, but in a stronger way and with weapons that have not been used
The Pentagon: The US Chief of Staff discussed by telephone with his Saudi counterpart the security environment in the Middle East
The air defence forces of Iran have been placed on a high alert anticipating an attack from Israel
Pentagon: Iran did not provide any details to the United States regarding the timing or manner of its attack
3 month ago
Israeli Channel 12: The Israeli Air Force is completing its preparations to respond to the Iranian attack
White House spokesman John Kirby says the U.S. isn't involved in the Israeli decision making regarding a response against Iran. "The Israeli government will make its own decision regarding if and how to respond", Kirby said
Biden: We are determined to avoid the expansion of the conflict in the Middle East
Iraqi Prime Minister to Biden: We want to stop the expansion of the conflict in the Middle East
WSJ reports that Israel response to Iran attack could be as early as today, but its scope is still unclear
3 month ago
UK PM Rishi Sunak: 'Our forces destroyed a number of Iranian drones'
Iranian Foreign Minister: Our response will be quick in the event that Israel carries out retaliatory action
Saudi Arabia publicly acknowledges role in defending Israel against Iranian attack
King of Jordan: Events in the region may lead to further escalation, threatening security and stability
Israeli officials told CNN that a planned assault on Rafah this week is delayed due the Iranian attack. It might an attempt by Netanyahu's aided to save face after he said there is a date for the assault, while the US oppose it
US Secretary of State: We are not looking for escalation in the Middle East
Israel’s War Cabinet meeting on possible response to Iran's weekend attack ends without statement, reports Israeli Channel 12
3 month ago
German Foreign Minister: Iran is currently isolated and its government has brought the region to the brink of abyss
Israeli army: Overnight, IAF fighter jets successfully intercepted a UAV that approached Israel from the east. The UAV was monitored by Israeli army soldiers, did not pose a threat and no sirens were sounded according to protocol. No injuries were reported and no damage was caused