25 July 2024
CENTCOM: Between 9:30 and 10:45 p.m., Feb. 18, two anti-ship ballistic missiles were launched from Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist-controlled areas of Yemen toward MV Rubymar, a Belize-flagged, UK-owned bulk carrier. One of the missiles struck the vessel, causing damage. The ship issued a distress call and a coalition warship along with another merchant vessel responded to the call to assist the crew of the MV Rubymar. The crew was transported to a nearby port by the merchant vessel
5 month ago
CENTCOM: Feb. 17 Summary of Red Sea activities – Between the hours of 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Sanaa time), Feb. 17, CENTCOM successfully conducted five self-defense strikes against three mobile anti-ship cruise missiles, one unmanned underwater vessel (UUV), and one unmanned surface vessel (USV) in Iranian-backed Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen. This is the first observed Houthi employment of a UUV since attacks began in Oct. 23.CENTCOM identified the anti-ship cruise missiles, unmanned underwater vessel, and the unmanned surface vessel in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen and determined they presented an imminent threat to U.S. Navy ships and merchant vessels in the region
Israeli Foreign Minister: The world must pressure Iran and Hezbollah to withdraw from southern Lebanon
Iranian media: A fire broke out in a chemical company in the city of Quds, west of Tehran province
5 month ago
A U.S. Coast Guard cutter, forward deployed to the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) area of responsibility, seized advanced conventional weapons and other lethal aid originating in Iran and bound to Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen from a vessel in the Arabian Sea on Jan. 28.The U.S. Coast Guard Sentinel-class fast-response cutter USCGC Clarence Sutphin Jr (WPC 1147), assigned to U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, located the vessel and boarded it in the Arabian Sea. The boarding team discovered over 200 packages that contained medium-range ballistic missile components, explosives, unmanned underwater/surface vehicle (UUV/USV) components, military-grade communication and network equipment, anti-tank guided missile launcher assemblies, and other military components
The US Treasury imposes new sanctions related to Iran
Some Arab countries, including the UAE, are increasingly restricting the U.S. from using military facilities on their soil to launch retaliatory airstrikes on Iranian proxies
Cells affiliated with Iranian-backed militias and the IRGC carry out another new attack on military positions belonging to the SDF in Al-Hamad Ali area in the town of Tayyana, eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zur
Iranian Foreign Ministry: We believe in the possibility of reaching an agreement on the Dorra field with Kuwait through cooperation
5 month ago
CENTCOM: On Feb. 13, at approximately 2:35 p.m. (Sanaa time), U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) forces successfully conducted a self-defense strike against one mobile anti-ship cruise missile (ASCM), in Iranian-backed Houthi controlled areas of Yemen, that was prepared to launch against ships in the Red Sea.Separately, at approximately 9:20 p.m.(Sanaa time), one anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM) was launched from Iranian-backed Houthi controlled areas of Yemen into the Gulf of Aden. U.S. Navy ships tracked the missile but took no action because the missile was not projected to impact near any ships. There were no reports of injuries or damage from ships in the area
Iran: An explosion occurred at a gas pipeline in the city of Borujen in central Iran tonight, which resulted in fire. The cause is yet unknown
Ongoing clashes for over an hour between SDF forces and cells affiliated with Iran-backed militias near the towns of Thiban and Shanan in eastern Deir ez-Zur. Heavy and medium weapons are being used, including 23mm anti-aircraft and RPGs
Iranian-backed militias have just targeted the Al-Omar military base eastern Syria
5 month ago
The US Navy seized a smuggling boat that left Iran and was carrying weapons in the Arabian Sea
5 month ago
CENTCOM: Houthi Attack in Bab al-Mandeb. On Feb. 12 from 3:30 to 3:45 a.m. (Sanaa time), Iranian-backed Houthi militants fired two missiles from Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen toward the Bab al-Mandeb. Both missiles were launched toward MV Star Iris, a Greek-owned, Marshall Islands-flagged cargo vessel transiting the Red Sea carrying corn from Brazil. The ship reports being seaworthy with minor damage and no injuries to the crew. Of note, the MV Star Iris’s destination is Bandar Iman Khomeini, Iran
Iran's Foreign Minister has met with leaders of multiple Iran-backed Palestinian militant factions based in Damascus as the war in Gaza continues to fuel a proxy war around the region
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has called for Israel's exclusion from the United Nations
Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian arrives at Damascus International Airport.
Another attack by Iranian-backed militias targeted the Conoco eastern Syria base with 6 drones
5 month ago
Iranian Foreign Minister: Iranian-Saudi discussions are continuing to stop the war in Gaza
5 month ago
Iranian Foreign Minister: Israel cannot fight a war on two fronts
5 month ago
Iranian Foreign Minister: Any step Israel takes towards a large-scale attack on Lebanon will be Netanyahu's "last day."
5 month ago
Iranian Foreign Minister: The end of the war in Gaza means the end of the work of Netanyahu and his government
5 month ago
Iranian Foreign Minister: Israel has not achieved any tangible achievement after 4 months of war
5 month ago
Lebanon's Foreign Minister: I presented to my Iranian counterpart our vision for finding a sustainable solution that will restore calm to the south within the framework of Resolution 1701
5 month ago
Iranian Foreign Minister: We do not want to expand the scope of the war
5 month ago
Hezbollah's Nasrallah meets Iranian foreign minister in Lebanon
Cells affiliated with Iran-backed militias targeted SDF checkpoints in the town of Al-Shaafa, east of Deir ez-Zur. Information is circulating about casualties among the SDF
Second attack by Iran-backed militia against the Conoco military base in eastern Deir ez-Zur
Iran's proxy umbrella announces a full resumption of attacks on the U.S. in Iraq & Syria, seeking to expel it from the region.  The Islamic Resistance says painful strikes and broad attacks are forthcoming5 month ago
Iran's proxy umbrella announces a full resumption of attacks on the U.S. in Iraq & Syria, seeking to expel it from the region. The "Islamic Resistance" says "painful strikes and broad attacks" are forthcoming