22 July 2024
Sounds of explosions heard in Damascus, information indicates the detection of spy balloons north of Damascus
Iran's police claim they arrested a senior operative of ISIS with two other members of the group accused of planning a suicide attack during next week's celebrations marking the end of the Ramadan. Eight others accompanying them were also detained, they said
IRGC commander Mohammad Reza Zahedi was buried in Isfahan this morning
Iran's army chief says that US was involved in the attack on its consulate in Damascus, despite Washington clear rejections of these accusation
U.S. official: U.S. is on high alert in anticipation of an Iranian response to an Israeli raid in Damascus
NBC, according to American officials: The Biden administration is concerned that Iran is planning to strike targets inside Israel
Iran has placed all its armed forces on full high alert and a decision has been made that Iran must respond directly this time to create deterrence, two Iranian officials say - NYT
US has picked up intelligence that Iran is planning a retaliatory attack against Israel that would include a swarm of Shaheed loitering drones and cruise missiles.  Officials say the timing and target are unknown, but a proportional response to the Damascus attack would be to hit an Israeli diplomatic facility. The attack is likely to come between now and the end of Ramadan next week
CBS, citing American officials: Iran will respond to the Israeli attack on its consulate in Damascus no later than the end of Ramadan.
Iran is expected to respond with drone or missile attacks on Israeli targets, calibrated to avoid an even bigger response from Israel, four U.S., Israeli, and other Western officials say - The Washington Post
28 Israeli diplomatic missions across the world were closed due to fears of Iran ian revenge after the attack in Damascus
Senior Israeli officials say that Israel has indications that Iran may attack Israel from its territory using long-range ballistic missiles, drones or cruise missiles - Walla
The Ministry of Health of Israel has summoned all hospital managers to a meeting to prepare for the threats from Iran: the Director General of the Ministry of Health, Moshe Bar Siman Tov, asked to make sure that there are enough medical teams on the weekend and in the coming days
Reuters from the US Treasury Department: Washington imposes new sanctions related to Iran
The Israeli army says it has halted home leave for all combat troops, following a fresh assessment."The Israeli army is at war and the issue of the deployment of forces is constantly reviewed as needed" the Israeli army adds
3 month ago
Iran's Revolutionary Guards say security forces have killed 15 "terrorist attackers" so far, and there are three more that are trapped
3 month ago
The Baloch militant group Jaish al Adel claims it attacked six Iranian military points in Balochistan and Sistan province. The group has increased its attacks inside Iran during recent months
Israel extends the range of jamming systems on the northern front to reach Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
3 month ago
Iran Interior Ministry says that armed men are holding a hostage inside a Revolutionary Guards headquarters in the southeast of the country. Five security personnel already killed in the militant attack
3 month ago
Five members of Iran’s security forces were killed in the Jaish al-Adl Sunni militant group’s attacks on Iranian military posts in southeastern Sistan and Baluchestan province, IRNA reported. The victims include an IRGC officer, a Basij paramilitary force, a conscript and two police forces. Five militants were also killed in the clashes, according to Iran’s state media.
3 month ago
Video posted by Jaish al-Adl shows its militants in control of an IRGC base in Rask. The militants can be seen dressed in military uniforms and are equipped with heavy weapons. They are also rearming themselves from the weapons storage site at the IRGC base
Iranian media: A explosion and fire at the headquarters of the Revolutionary Guard in the city of Rask, southeastern Iran
3 month ago
Three simultaneous attacks have targeted two IRGC bases in Chabahar and Rask and a police station in Chabahar in southeastern Iran, official news agency IRNA reports. An interior ministry official says two militants have been killed so far
Iran's Foreign Minister @Amirabdolahian said in a phone call with EU Foreign Policy Chief @JosepBorrellF, “European authorities always call on Iran to show self-restraint. This is while Israel, by violating int’l laws and regulations, has attacked a diplomatic site which must enjoy full immunity under the Vienna Convention."
The Israeli army says that it has bolstered and called up reservists for its air defense array, following a fresh assessment
NATO Secretary General: We will discuss how to deal with North Korean and Iranian military support for Russia
Iran's UN envoy Zahra Ershadi told the Security Council briefing on Israel's strike against Iran's consulate in Damascus, "Iran has exercised considerable restraint, but it's imperative to acknowledge that there are limits to such forbearance. The occupying regime (of Israel) must bear full responsibility for its consequences. Iran reserves its legitimate and inherent right under international law and the United Nations Charter to take a decisive response to such reprehensible acts."
Russia's UN envoy told the Security Council's briefing on the Israeli airstrike on Iran's Damascus consulate, "We consider any attacks on diplomatic and consular premises the inviolability of which is guaranteed by the relevant Vienna Conventions of 1961 and 1963 to be categorically unacceptable. This is not the first attack carried out by Israel in densely populated areas of Damascus, which generated high risks of mass casualties of civilians. Such aggressive actions by Israel are designed to further fuel the conflict. They're absolutely unacceptable and must stop. We urge West Jerusalem to abandon the practice of provocative acts against Syria and other areas."
Fatah Movement: We affirm our rejection of all external interference - specifically Iranian - in Palestinian internal affairs
UNSC members now discussing Israel’s attack on Iran’s consulate in Damascus