15 July 2024
Iranian Embassy based in Damascus, Syria, writes in Hebrew: "time is up"
UN Sanctions on Iran's ballistic missile and drone program have just now expired (7pm ET, 12am GMT)
Iranian foreign minister: After the terrible crime of the Israeli government in the bombing and massacre of more than a thousand women and children in Al-Momadani Hospital, the time has come for the global unity of humanity against this fake government more hated than ISIS and its killing machine. Time is over
The Iranian President threatens Israel with a harsh response to its targeting of a hospital in Gaza
Iran declared a day of mourning tomorrow on Wednesday across the country, strongly condemning the Israeli attack on a hospital in Gaza. The statement urged Muslim countries to sever ties with Israel and expel its ambassadors
9 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.4 - 64 km NNW of Bandar Abbas, Iran
Qatari report: The Biden administration warned the Iranian representative at the UN that if Iran intervenes directly in the conflict, the United States will act militarily
Iran says the EU move to maintain restrictions on Iran is a “clear violation of the EU and E3 obligations under the JCPOA and also an act of bad faith”, adding that Iranian FM, in two letters to EU FP chief, has informed the members to the JCPOA of Iran’s stance in this regard
9 month ago
Iran VP visits Minsk, meeting senior Belarus officials and discussing promotion of bilateral ties. Iran’s VP Mohammad Mokhber arrived in Minsk and was welcomed by Belarus PM. Both officials met discussing trade and political relations
The Pentagon announces that two thousand U.S. soldiers are on alert in anticipation of a possible deployment in the Middle East
Iranian media, quoting a military official: Another shock wave is on the way if Israel does not put an end to the atrocities in Gaza
9 month ago
Turkish Foreign Minister: The war in Gaza may cause the outbreak of larger wars or may result in a historic peace
An unidentified drone just targeted the Iranian militia areas near to Al-Salhiya town in the countryside of Al-Bukamal, east of Deirezzor
An unidentified drone targets a car near Haybat Sultan mountain in Koya, resulting in one fatality and three injuries
Iran’s leader says that if Israel’s attacks on Palestinian people continue, “nobody will be able to stop Resistance groups and Muslims”. He said, Israel will not be able to compensate it “humiliating defeat”
Iran's Khamenei says Gaza bombardments must stop immediately
9 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.3 - 58 km NNW of Bandar Abbas, Iran
9 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.5 - 62 km NNW of Bandar Abbas, Iran
9 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.3 - southern Iran
Blinken's meeting with Netanyahu and the Israeli military cabinet has been ongoing for more than 5 hours after being briefly interrupted by sirens
Josep Borrell:Spoke to @Amirabdolahian on the situation in Gaza. EU position is clear on condemning terrorism. And on the protection of civilians at all times. It is in everyone’s interest to prevent a regional spillover. Urged Iran to use its influence to avoid regional escalation
Iranian Foreign Minister: If we do not defend Gaza today, tomorrow we will have to deal with Israeli phosphorus bombs in our hospitals
Iran FM: Possibility of any preemptive action by Resistance front could be expected in the coming hours. Leaders of Resistance won't allow the Israeli government to take any action in Gaza and then go to other parts of Resistance in the region. All options are before Hezbollah
9 month ago
Hamas: Israel's threat of a ground attack does not intimidate us, and we are ready to deal with any force thrown into the Gaza Strip
Iran FM: Irish FM had a message from the West for us. I told him if Israeli crimes [in Gaza] do not stop immediately, new fronts will be opened. I told him that we do not give orders to resistance groups and they decide by themselves
Iranian Foreign Minister: Time for political solutions is running out and the possibility of expanding war is approaching inevitability
The Iranian President tells Putin that the situation in Gaza threatens to expand the scope of the war to all other fronts
Iranian President: Tehran supports Palestine and the "factions" take their own decisions
Iranian Foreign Ministry: Hamas wants to release the prisoners, but it cannot because of the Israeli bombing
9 month ago
Erdogan: I discussed with the Iranian president ways to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict