24 July 2024
Emirati ambassador in Washington: The United States must act to return the Houthis to the terrorist list
The Emirati ambassador in Washington: We demand a halt to the financial flows and weapons that reach the Houthis from their supporters
Iranian Foreign Minister: What is happening between Yemen and Arab countries participating in military operations against it is a Yemeni matter
The U.S. Air Force said that it had intervened on Monday to repel an attack on the UAE amid an escalation of tensions between the Gulf nation and the Iran-backed Houthis
A court in Tehran, Iran sentenced a man to 148 lashes and prison for robbing Ali Daei, a famous former Iranian soccer player. Lashes are tantamount to torture yet the government flogs political prisoners, thieves & everyone in between.
Iran chief negotiator @Bagheri_Kani and EU's @enriquemora_ are now having a bilateral meeting2 year ago
Iran chief negotiator @Bagheri_Kani and EU's @enriquemora_ are now having a bilateral meeting
Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman: We stress the need to reach a quick solution to the crisis in Yemen
2 year ago
Russia's envoy in Vienna: We have made progress by bringing together the envoys of Iran, China and Russia with representatives of European countries
Pakistani newspaper: Islamabad asked Tehran to help arrest 3 suspects in the killing of a Saudi diplomat
2 year ago
Khamenei: Not every endeavor is jihad. Some endeavors are good & appropriate but not jihad. JihadMeans an endeavor aimed at taking action against the enemy. You should take actions in the fields of economy, science, etc. to confront the enemy. This is jihad
2 year ago
Khamenei: We should ask ourselves where we stand in the relentless battle between Islam and the domineering order, between truth and falsehood, and between truthful and deceitful narratives
2 year ago
A committee in the Iranian parliament links progress in the Vienna negotiations to the lifting of Washington's sanctions
2 year ago
Khamenei: Religious gatherings (heyats) are centers of endeavor for the sake of God & for struggle on the path of God to revive the school of the Household of the Prophet (PBUT). Heyats are places for expressing the most important teachings of Islam
2 year ago
Khamenei: When the enemy is trying to bring economic pressure on our country in order to turn the people against Islam and the Islamic system, if you serve the people economically and socially on that day you have struggled on the path of God against the enemy
Saadi Khalidi, an anti-government Iranian Kurd living in Kabul city has been assassinated by unknown individuals2 year ago
Saadi Khalidi, an anti-government Iranian Kurd living in Kabul city has been assassinated by unknown individuals
2 year ago
Khamenei: In minutes: Imam Khamenei's statements in meeting with eulogists on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Lady FatimaZahra, Prophet Muhammad's dear daughter
2 year ago
The US navy says it has stopped a ship carrying 40 tons of a fertilizer that can be used to make explosives as it traveled from Iran along a route previously used to smuggle weapons to Yemen's Houthi militia, which is backed by Iran
Iranian security forces last Wednesday killed an 8-year-old child after opening fire at a Kurdish family near Zanjan, northwest of the country
Two tankers have had their environmental and safety certifications withdrawn after @UANI's research showed that they had shipped cargoes of Iran oil, documents seen by Reuters show
2 year ago
Senior EU official says we are on the right track for final agreement in Iran nuclear talks in Vienna
Iran chief negotiator @Bagheri_Kani met EU's @enriquemora_ and Russia chief negotiator @Amb_Ulyanov today on Friday2 year ago
Iran chief negotiator @Bagheri_Kani met EU's @enriquemora_ and Russia chief negotiator @Amb_Ulyanov today on Friday
Blinken says he and Lavrov also discussed Iran nuclear talks and "brief window" remaining to make progress
SDF forces have detained at least 89 ISIS militants around the al-Sina prison this morning. Clashes between SDF forces and ISIS sleeper cells in the vicinity of the al-Giweiran neighbourhood are continuing
2 year ago
Russia, China and Iran worked out counter-piracy operation at the CHIRU 2022 exercise in the Gulf of Oman, - the Russian Defense Ministry said
The coalition: - The start of precise air strikes to destroy the capabilities of the Houthi militia in Hodeidah - The port of Hodeidah is the artery for smuggling Iranian weapons to the Houthis and a source of threat to the freedom of maritime navigation. Hodeidah port, Yemen
Ongoing raids throughout Gheiran neighborhood by HAT to track down escaped prisoners
2 year ago
.@SecBlinken says 'it's a matter of weeks' in terms of timeframe for determining if Iran nuclear talks should/can continue
Iran FM @Amirabdolahian met Russia FM Lavrov in Moscow2 year ago
Iran FM @Amirabdolahian met Russia FM Lavrov in Moscow
Israeli Defense Minister: An international effort must address Iranian aggression and the nuclear file
2 year ago
Russian Navy will conduct drills of all fleets in January-February. 140 vessels, 60 aircraft, 10000 servicemen