22 July 2024
Iran riot police deployed inside Russian Embassy in Tehran to repel any likely attack by demonstrators. Here in IRAN, anti-govt sentiments are highly aligned by anti-Russian ones
Protesters in Tehran chant "Death to Putin" and "Viva Peace" in front of the Ukrainian embassy
February 26 - Tabriz, northwest Iran. Official communications workers are continuing their strike demanding their delayed paychecks and pensions
US State Department: Russian attack should not give Iran the green light to develop nuclear weapons
US official: Talking about a nuclear deal is premature speculation
US Treasury: The network backed by the Iranian Quds Force diverted millions of dollars to support Houthi attacks
Iran FM: We received a message via Iraqi FM announcing SaudiArabia's readiness for talks & we said we're ready for the talks. We're ready for serious cooperation w all parties on regional issues. There's no way to resolve crises in the region but through dialogue & cooperation
Israel Defense Minister Gantz denounced Maduro for manufacturing drones and receiving ammunition from Iran
Defense Minister Gantz reveals a photo that he says proves Iran has transferred to Venezuela the know-how for it to produce advanced UAVs. "Our assessments show that Iranian PGMs are being delivered for these UAVs and other similar models," he says
2 year ago
Russian Defense Minister Shoigu: Ukraine has much more capabilities in nuclear weapons than Iran or North Korea, there are technologies and specialists, plans to abandon nuclear-free status are dangerous
Warplane Crashes in Iran's Tabriz, 3 Dead
A military airplane crashed in Iranian province of Tabriz
Another video shows fire fighters trying to extinguish the fire caused by the fighter jet crash in "Shahid Alipoor" sports complex in Tabriz, eastern Azerbaijan, Iran
An Iranian fighter jet has crashed to a sport complex in Tabriz, eastern Azerbaijan province of Iran
Addressing MSC2022, Iran's Foreign Minister @Amirabdolahian did not rule out direct talks between Tehran and Washington, but said certain practical steps like releasing Iran's frozen assets & removal of some sanctions must be taken before such talks
'Moment of truth' for Iran nuclear talks: Scholz
2 year ago
Senior EU diplomat: IranTalks "I expect an agreement very soon. Ideally yes, I expect an agreement in the coming week or ***coming two weeks or so***."
Iran's parliament has refused to end a $10 billion food subsidy scheme fearing protests and unrest. The indirect subsidies are a tremendous burden on the government's finances since the US sanctions stopped most of its oil export earnings in dollars
Brett McGurk visited Saudi Arabia and UAE this week "to ensure the United States is doing everything possible to support the territorial defense of both countries against Iranian-enabled missile and UAV attacks," according to an NSC stmt
Iran and E3 chief negotiators now meeting2 year ago
Iran and E3 chief negotiators now meeting
2 year ago
Khamenei: The Revolution's slogan is resisting the Arrogant Powers. We thank God the Iranian nation has been blessed by this resistance. This resistance has affected the region. Today, the grandeur of the Arrogant Front has been broken in the region & nations speak out against the US
2 year ago
Khamenei: In the field of diplomacy, our good, revolutionary brothers are working for the sanctions to be lifted & to convince the other side to do so. That's good, but more important is nullifying sanctions via domestic production, economic dynamism & use of a knowledge-based economy
2 year ago
Khamenei: There are two tools in the hands of the enemy for separating the people from the establishment & changing people's way of thinking & thoughts: economic hostility & media hostility. The youth should stand against these. The IranianNation should stand against these two actions
2 year ago
Khamenei: Regarding the JCPOA in the years 2015-2016, my criticism was that certain points had to be observed in the JCPOA so that problems would not arise in the future. Well, some of these points were not heeded and later problems emerged, which everyone is witnessing
2 year ago
Khamenei: They know Iran's nuclear program is peaceful. But they make absurd, senseless claims on how close Iran is to making a bomb. We seek peaceful use of nuclear energy. They know this, but they want the Iranian nation to face difficulties when it needs nuclear energy in the future
2 year ago
Khamenei: The world is becoming increasingly reliant on nuclear energy every day. We too will be in urgent need of peaceful nuclear energy sooner or later. If we do not think about this today, tomorrow will be too late and our hands will be empty then
2 year ago
Khamenei: In minutes: Imam Khamenei's statements delivered in a video conference with the people of East Azerbaijan Province on the anniversary of the Uprising of the People of Tabriz against the Pahlavi government on February 18, 1978
2 year ago
Syrian MoD confirm Israeli strike on Zakiyah, Damascus, with surface to surface missile from occupied Golan Heights. No AD was activated
Israelis conducted an operation near Damascus tonight, reportedly they had been waiting to do it for quite some days according to reports from @YehoshuaYosi, the Russians didn't interfere, looks like an Iranian-linked target was bombed
On Iran talks, @StateDeptSpox says "we are in the midst of the very final stages. this is really the decisive period