5 July 2022
Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander Qaani arrives in Baghdad and meets with the leaders of the Popular Mobilization Forces
4 month ago
Eye of the Euphrates Network: Iranian militias deploy surface-to-surface missiles called "Al-Muhandis" in the eastern countryside of Raqqa, which is under the control of the Assad government.
Israeli Prime Minister: I discussed by phone with President Biden steps to curb Iran's nuclear program
Prime Minister of Israel: I discussed with President Biden the increasing aggression of Iran in the region
[email protected] is citing the BBC on Iran "Dozens of Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) commanders detained in Tehran's Evin prison following last year's killing of nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh
Israeli Prime Minister: Iran is intensifying its aggressive behavior in the region, coinciding with the Vienna talks
Bennett: Israel will retain freedom of action with Iran, with or without a nuclear deal
Al-Arabiya sources: News of the arrival of the commander of the Quds Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to Erbil
Iran's security chief Shamkhani has dismissed the US restoration of sanctions waivers as "a show", saying that unless Tehran "reaps real economic benefits", the move will "not be considered constructive"
4 month ago
Russia's representative in Vienna: Washington's return to nuclear waivers means that negotiations have entered their final stage
Iran says US steps on lifting civilian nuclear program sanctions 'good but not enough'
US waives sanctions on Iran's civil nuclear program
5 month ago
An IRGC military convoy has entered IRGC influenced government areas from Al-Bukamal railway crossing, with the convoy heading towards Imam Ali base and Al-Mayadin and Deir Ez Zor Airbase
5 month ago
Iran - "the central threat around which Central Command is organized" per @CENTCOM's Gen McKenzie Says US-Iran still in a state of "contested deterrence" with Tehran trying to work/inflict suffering below the threshold of what it thinks will provoke US action
Republican leader in the US Senate: Iran's policy aims to get Washington out of the region
Israel Defense Minister and the King of Bahrain sign a defense pact5 month ago
Israel Defense Minister and the King of Bahrain sign a defense pact
An ultralight plane has crashed near the eastern Iranian city of Kashmar, killing both pilots, Iranian media reported on Thursday5 month ago
An ultralight plane has crashed near the eastern Iranian city of Kashmar, killing both pilots, Iranian media reported on Thursday
A suspected Iranian disinformation unit ran an elaborate network on Facebook targeting nationalist and ultra-religious Jews in Israel in an attempt to stoke division and inflame tensions with Palestinians, according to research shared exclusively with BBC
5 month ago
Khamenei: May God bless Moustapha Akkad's soul who to some extent depicted the great character of the honorable Hamza in his movie "The Message" by giving the role to an extremely famous, professional & truly illustrious actor. Of course just to an extent were they able to depict him
5 month ago
Khamenei: The honorable Hamza (pbuh), the Prophet's uncle, is truly an unrecognized, unacknowledged companion of the Prophet (pbuh), although he played a significant role in early Islam. I truly thank those who have thought of honoring this noble figure, Hamza, the Master of the Martyrs
The U.S. is sending advanced jet fighters and a guided-missile destroyer to the UAE to help it counter an escalating threat from Yemen's Houthis after the Iran-backed group launched a series of missiles and drones at the Gulf nation
5 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 8 km NE of Kāzerūn, Iran
5 month ago
With the US Air Force observing, the Israel Air Force conducted a drill simulating a massive attack on Iran's nuclear program two weeks ago, which employed dozens of fighter jets, Kan news reports
5 month ago
Khamenei: It is with deep regret that I received news of the demise of the noble jurisprudent & insightful Marja', Ayatollah Safi Golpaygani. He was a pillar in the Qom seminary, a prominent scholar in theory & practice & the most experienced religious scholar in that blessed seminary
5 month ago
Khamenei: Just days before the 43rd anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei visits the tombs of Imam Khomeini and the dead who defended Islam and Iran
5 month ago
Khamenei: Praise God, the country's stronghold in production & the economy is standing firmly. Entrepreneurs & competent economic managers are the army that has stood against the enemy & the officers in this Sacred Defense, while the workers are the sincere, pure fighters in this battle
5 month ago
Khamenei: Any time our youth were trusted & asked to carry out a task, they literally shined. This was true in all fields, from creating Covid-19 vaccines to manufacturing precision missiles. In terms of Covid-19 vaccines, they produced the best vaccines. We must appreciate these talents
5 month ago
Khamenei: The aim of the enemies' economic war was the collapse of Iran's economy. Of course, the collapse of the economy would have been a prelude. By destroying Iran's economy, they sought to set the people against the Islamic Republic & fulfill their vicious political goals
5 month ago
Source close to Iran team: The process of the Vienna talks have been constructive & moving forward. Now is time for political decisions. An agreement is within reach if other parties make necessary political decisions while returning from capitals
Iranian Foreign Minister: We call on the United Nations to play a greater role to stop the war in Yemen and launch political dialogue
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