25 July 2024
Iran can produce enough fissile material for a nuclear warhead in two weeks, the US has said. Israel’s defence minister to visit US this month
MFA spokesman: Armenia's top security official is in Tehran to continue Tehran's contacts and exchange of opinions with Yerevan, as well as the recent developments in the South Caucasus region. Grigoryan will meet FM Amir Abdollahian today.Iran's top security official Ali Akbar Ahmadian in his meeting with the Secretary of Armenia's National Security Council: Any changes in the geopolitics of the region is dangerous and will cause instability and escalation of tensions
Netanyahu held a security briefing with Defense Minister Yoav Gallant with a focus on Iran
Iran’s government’s President Raisi on Sunday denounced any attempts by regional countries to normalise relations with Israel as "reactionary and regressive.” The Islamic Republic is “reactionary” and “regressive” at its core, and its neighbors know it
Moscow Format on Afghanistan ended today in Kazan, Russia, issuing a joint statement. In the statement, a copy of which was obtained by @IranNuances, participants noted Iran's initiative to create a “regional contact group to strengthen regional cooperation on Afghanistan9 month ago
Moscow Format on Afghanistan ended today in Kazan, Russia, issuing a joint statement. In the statement, a copy of which was obtained by @IranNuances, participants noted Iran's initiative to create a “regional contact group" to strengthen regional cooperation on Afghanistan
9 month ago
Iranian government has deployed military forces in Chabahar, Sistan Baluchestan in anticipation of Baloch protests against the government, which have been consistently taking place every Friday since last year's Bloody Friday in Zahedan
Iran claims it has successfully launched the Nur-3 satellite into space10 month ago
Iran claims it has successfully launched the Nur-3 satellite into space
Iran's nuclear chief: Israeli government’s PM stated at the UNGA that "Iran must face a credible nuclear threat". The international community’s silence on this government’s repeated threats has led to its recent rudeness. Iran asserts its right to respond to such audacity
10 month ago
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at UNGA: "Iran's drones have brought and bring death and destruction to people in Ukraine."
Iran's top commander: Terrorist groups have only moved away from the border. Agreement needs to be enacted fully. Armed terrorist & separatist forces in whole Kurdistan & Iraq must be disarmed & expelled. President told us to wait for a few days & then we’ll decide accordingly
Iran president says Tehran will not allow the slightest change in the geopolitics of the Caucasus region. On recent conflict, he said, “The tension between Azerbaijan and Armenia is not accepted at all. The issue can be resolved through dialogue”
Iran has canceled all flights to Armenia and Azerbaijan
Iran and Russia defense ministers met in Tehran. Another top Iranian military commander said the document for long term cooperation between Iran and Russia is being prepared and that it has strong military and defense dimensions
Russian Defense Minister Shoigu will meet in Tehran today with representatives of the Iranian Armed Forces command, Tasnim agency claims.
President Biden this morning “held an emotional call with the families of the seven American citizens who are returning home to the United States from Iran. Each family member who joined the call spoke with the President. The White House is also pleased"
10 month ago
Plane carrying 5 Iranian Americans prisoners freed by Iran has arrived in Doha as part of a prisoner swap with America
Plane carrying 5 freed Americans in prisoner exchange with Iran departs Tehran for Qatar
Iran says frozen funds transferred from South Korea to Qatar
Iranian media: The incident of unidentified objects falling in the city of Gorgan was the result of testing a missile system by the Ministry of Defense
Iran hopes prisoner swap with US will go ahead Monday: FM spokesman
Iran confirms a drone crashed in the Golestan Province. The political deputy of the Golestan region Governor said the drone crashed at around 9:00 AM and pieces of the drone fell in some areas of Gorgan *
Reuters: A Qatari plane in Iran is preparing to transport 5 Americans who will be released and two of their relatives to Doha today.
@USTreasury sanction 29 individuals & entities connected to Iran's suppression of protests after the death of Mahsa Amini at the hands of Tehran's Morality Police. Targets include:-18 members of the IRGC & LEF; -Fars, Tasnim & PressTV news outlets; -3 senior officials
The White House: The new sanctions on Iran are linked to human rights violations
Live metrics show a significant disruption to internet connectivity in Zahedan, Iran; the incident continues the weekly pattern of regional internet shutdowns targeting anti-government protests, and comes on the eve of the anniversary of Mahsa Amini's death
10 month ago
Iran's IRGC has seized two foreign oil tankers, flying the flags of Panama and Tanzania, accusing them of smuggling over 1.5 million liters of fuel in the Persian Gulf
10 month ago
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) carried out a missile test of advanced Barak MX air defense system in Azerbaijan, shooting down a ballistic missile. The company said it recently carried out the operational demonstration without saying where it was carried out. But the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense said it had carried out an air defense firing drill in which the Ildirim 8-ER (believed to be the local name of the Barak MX) was used to shoot down a ballistic missile
The head of the Iranian General Staff assured the Azerbaijani Defense Minister that Tehran is not amassing military equipment on the border
Iran FM, in a joint presser with Iraq FM, said that they had “important discussion on full implementation of Tehran-Baghdad security agreement”, adding “Iraqi FM gave good information regarding the relocation of terrorist groups near the border with Iran”. Iran FM (in a joint presser with Iraq FM): We had important discussions on bilateral and regional issues as well as the full implementation of Tehran-Baghdad security agreement. Iraq FM today gave good information on moving terrorist groups away from the border with Iran
.@StateDeptSpox says the US will be watching the Iranian funds transferred to Qatar closely to make sure they are only spent on humanitarian goods and will "have the ability to freeze them again if we need to."