25 July 2024
The Council of Foreign Ministers of the European Union on Monday approved its 9th package of sanctions against the Islamic Republic over violation of human rights in Iran, sanctioning 7 Iranian officials including IRGC commanders and judiciary officials
1 year ago
Putin had phone call with president of Iran
The attack was aimed at killing Jews was plotted by intelligence services linked to the IRGC. According to sources, the operation to thwart potential assassinations was carried out in cooperation with Cyprus' intelligence together with Western partners
PIJ announces that PIJ's leader, Ziyad Nakhala's trip to Tehran (Iran) has concluded after several days of stay and meeting Khamenei and other officials
The President of the UAE and the Iranian Foreign Minister stress the importance of building on the positive developments achieved in the region to enhance stability
Iranian foreign minister Abdollahian meets UAE’s President Mohammed bin Zayed
Defense Minister Yoav Gallant spoke with his Ukrainian counterpart, Oleksii Reznikov, his office says. The pair spoke about the Russian invasion and the Iranian threat to both countries
1 year ago
A Russian-Syrian-Turkish-Iranian statement after the Astana meetings: cooperation to combat terrorism and separatist plans aimed at undermining Syria's sovereignty
1 year ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 - 31 km SSE of Ḩājjīābād, Iran
Iran's Atomic Energy Organization: No IAEA surveillance cameras are currently active at the Natanz uranium enrichment facility
The U.S. on Thursday imposed sanctions on a North Korean husband and wife living in Beijing accused of helping to procure equipment for ballistic missiles that ended up in the hands of North Korean and Iranian customers
The Iranian Revolutionary Guard: A Basij member and two gunmen were killed in clashes in the southeast of the country
Israeli National Security Adviser:nIsrael prepares to take action if Iran enriches uranium above 60%; he says Tehran only briefly enriched over 60% so far in one case; if Iran fully crosses this line it would admit seeking nuclear weapons, he says
North Korea sent over 1,000 workers to China and sold electronics to Iran, according to the U.S Treasury. The Office of Foreign Assets Control issued a new sanctions notice, implicating China and designating two North Koreans
Defense Minister Yoav Gallant met his US counterpart, Lloyd Austin, at the US Embassy in Brussels. The two discussed "advancing security and military coordination on the Iranian issue, with the aim of preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons," per Israel's readout
"A now-declassified government graphic shows the drones are built in Iran, shipped across the Caspian Sea to Russia — with a port Iran helped develop — and then transferred to two air bases"
US Secretary of State: Iran is working to destabilize the Middle East
Rough shape of Iran Fattah missile overlayed on picture
IRGC Aerospace Commander Amirali Hajizadeh has tweeted that “on Tuesday the sun will rise with (the launch of a missile called) Fattah.” IRGC-affiliated channels say Iran will probably unveil its first hypersonic missile named Fattah in coming hours
1 year ago
Grossi in his press brief says the source of 84 percent enriched uranium in Iran was “oscillation,” And that there has been no production or accumulation of highly enriched uranium
Blinken: The security of the Middle East region serves our interests
UKMTO has been made aware of a MV being approached by 3 small craft, carrying armed personnel in an area 27nm miles north of Mina Saqr1 year ago
UKMTO has been made aware of a MV being approached by 3 small craft, carrying armed personnel in an area 27nm miles north of Mina Saqr
Ukrainian Parliament imposed sanctions on Iran for the next 50 years for the help to Russia in the war against Ukraine1 year ago
Ukrainian Parliament imposed sanctions on Iran for the next 50 years for the help to Russia in the war against Ukraine
The Iranian judiciary: the arrest of 14 people in the northwest of the country with links to Israel who were planning to carry out assassinations
1 year ago
Senior Taliban commander Abdulhamid Khorasani, aka Nasser Badri, has in a video message warned that the group will fight against Iranians "with more passion" than they did against the US forces. "We will conquer Iran soon if Taliban's leaders give the green light for jihad."
1 year ago
“Iran's semi-official Nour News confirmed the death of one Iranian border guard.” Afghanistan
1 year ago
Iran's official news agency says two Iranian border guards have been killed in today's clashes with the Taliban. Two civilians have also been injured on the Iranian side
Omani Foreign Ministry announces an agreement on a prisoner exchange deal between Iran and Belgium, mediated by Muscat
Iran’s Foreign Minister @Amirabdolahian: “We do not recognize the current government ruling Afghanistan and we emphasize the need to form a comprehensive government in Afghanistan because the Taliban is part of the reality of Afghanistan, not all of it.”
France condemns Iran's test of a long-range ballistic missile, describing it as a "violation of Security Council resolutions"