25 July 2024
Conservative presidential candidate Saeed Jalili met Iran’s President-elect Masoud Pezeshkian, congratulating his win in the election and discussing the major issues in the country. Pezeshkian said he is ready to receive the views and suggestions of Jalili on different issues
Iranian President-elect: We must open a new page in the country
Iranian Interior Ministry: Masoud Pezeshkian, the 9th President of the Republic
Iranian President-elect: The elections are over, and this is the beginning, and we will walk the difficult path together
Iranian Foreign Minister: The Iranian people proved to the world that the elections are free and fair
Iranian Interior: Masoud Pezeshkian wins in the second round of the Iranian presidential elections
Iranian Election Commission: Announcing the final results of the runoff round of the presidential elections within hours
2 week ago
U.S. Central Command: In the past 24 hours U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) forces successfully destroyed two Iranian-backed Houthi uncrewed surface vessels (USV) in the Red Sea and one Houthi radar site in a Houthi-controlled area of Yemen. It was determined the USVs and radar site presented an imminent threat to U.S. and coalition forces, and merchant vessels in the region. These actions were taken to protect freedom of navigation and make international waters safer and more secure
U.S. Central Command: In the past 24 hours, U.S. Central Command forces successfully destroyed two Iranian-backed Houthi radar sites in Houthi controlled areas of Yemen and two uncrewed surface vessels (USV) in the Red Sea
Iran's Khamenei says turnout in presidential election was "lower than expected" - Tasnim -Reuters
Blinken: none of the main actors on the Lebanon-Israel front want war - Israel, Hezbollah, Lebanon and Iran. On the other hand there are forces, momentum that may be leading in that direction, which we are determined to try to stop
Senior Biden aide Amos Hochstein is expected to meet officials in Paris tomorrow to discuss US efforts to end cross-border fighting between Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Israel. The Iran-backed group’s no. 2 official said he met Germany’s deputy intel chief in Beirut on Saturday
Acting Iranian Foreign Minister: The resistance in Lebanon will incur a heavy price for Israel in response to any attack
Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said on Saturday that Iran's message of an "obliterating war" made it worthy of destruction
Reformist candidate Masoud Pezeshkian and conservative hardliner Saeed Jalili will go to a run-off vote in Iran's presidential election, the country's electoral authority says
The Iranian Election Commission announces a second round of presidential elections next Friday
Iranian Interior Ministry: Popular participation in the presidential elections reached 40%
Iran’s acting FM had phone calls with EU FP chief, UN Secretary General as well as foreign ministers of Germany, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Cyprus in past 24 hours to discuss the situation in Gaza
3 week ago
IAEA report seen by Reuters: at underground plant at Natanz, Iran has fed natural uranium into three more IR-2m cascades and three IR-4 cascades for passivation (preparing for enrichment) @reuters
The Iranian Election Commission extends the voting period until eight o'clock in the evening, local time
The US sanctioned three entities and eleven vessels for trading oil and petrochemical products with Iran
Iranians are voting on Friday in a presidential election called after the death of ultraconservative president Ebrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash last month
The Commander of the Quds Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard calls on the people to elect the candidate who completes the career of the late President Ebrahim Raisi
Second conservative presidential candidate and the mayor of Tehran, Alireza Zakani, withdrew from the race, urging major conservative contenders, Jalili and Ghalibaf, to unite in order to defeat the reformist hopeful Pezeshkian
Gazprom signed a memorandum with Iran on Russian gas supplies. Russian Gazprom signed a memorandum with the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) on the supply of Russian pipeline gas to Iran
Per @USTreasury, Iran' network of exchange houses & companies in HongKong UAE & Marshall Islands moved moved hundreds of millions for dollars’ worth of revenue from oil sales, currency exchangesThe money is then used to procure/develop drones & other weaponry
US looking to undercut Iran's “shadow banking” networkPer @USTreasury, Washington's sanctioned 50 entities, individuals used by Iran's military & IRGC "to gain illicit access to the international financial system & process the equivalent of billions of dollars since 2020"
Israeli Defense Minister: The U.S. administration must prevent Iran from possessing a nuclear weapon
US Secretary of Defense: The Israeli people face a real threat from Iran
US Treasury: Imposing sanctions on entities linked to the Iranian Ministry of Defense