25 June 2024
Israeli army permits Hebrew-language media to publish that it downed several Iranian drones in recent months. Two were intercepted by F-35 jets, and a third using EW, far from the Israeli borders, the reports say
Security forces of Kermanshah, W Iran, have raided the residences of the relatives of a Kurd witness who testified in Aban International Court investigating the bloody crackdown on the Iran Protests in November 2019
2 year ago
Khamenei: I congratulate everyone on the auspicious birth anniversary of ImamHussain (pbuh). His noble personage is the center of love for all Muslim nations, both Shia & non-Shia. God willing, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) will give blessings to the Iranian nation & all Muslim nations today
2 year ago
A United Kingdom Royal Navy frigate seized more than 6 tons of illicit narcotics from a fishing vessel while conducting patrols in international waters in the Gulf of Oman, March 2
2 year ago
Khamenei: The development of clean, non-fossil energies such as nuclear energy, which is increasingly being used in the world and the countries in our region are also working to develop it, as well as wind and solar energies should be taken seriously
2 year ago
Khamenei: Neglecting "wildlife conservation" is to the detriment of national interests. In Islam, hunting is only allowed if food is needed. Otherwise, it is illegal and forbidden. Even traveling for hunting is considered haram
2 year ago
Khamenei: The destruction of forests, the environment and the vegetation is the destruction of national resources and this is to the harm of society's public interests
2 year ago
Khamenei: Planting a tree is absolutely a religious, revolutionary act
2 year ago
Khamenei: Imam Khamenei plants a sapling on the occasion of National Tree Planting Day and the National Week of Natural Resources
2 year ago
Iran has agreed to provide the IAEA documents that will help resolve the safeguards probe by May 21. It's convenient Tehran is announcing this now right before the IAEA BoG meeting. But we'll see how helpful it is by May 21
"We are close to a possible deal. But a number of difficult issues still remain unsolved," @StateDeputySpox says on Iran talks
Iran chief negotiator @Bagheri_Kani and EU's @enriquemora_ now meeting bilaterally in Palais Coburg2 year ago
Iran chief negotiator @Bagheri_Kani and EU's @enriquemora_ now meeting bilaterally in Palais Coburg
2 year ago
IAEA DG @rafaelmgrossi will visit Tehran on Saturday to meet Iran nuclear chief, FM & some other officials. His visit will be aimed at reaching a joint road map for resolving the safeguards issues. Also hearing the case of one of the four locations has been resolved & closed
2 year ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 117 km SW of Bam, Iran
Iran's space program really does have some issues. @Maxar picked up an image from February 27th showing the results of what is "very likely" a failed space launch attempt
Iran riot police deployed inside Russian Embassy in Tehran to repel any likely attack by demonstrators. Here in IRAN, anti-govt sentiments are highly aligned by anti-Russian ones
Protesters in Tehran chant "Death to Putin" and "Viva Peace" in front of the Ukrainian embassy
February 26 - Tabriz, northwest Iran. Official communications workers are continuing their strike demanding their delayed paychecks and pensions
US State Department: Russian attack should not give Iran the green light to develop nuclear weapons
US official: Talking about a nuclear deal is premature speculation
US Treasury: The network backed by the Iranian Quds Force diverted millions of dollars to support Houthi attacks
Iran FM: We received a message via Iraqi FM announcing SaudiArabia's readiness for talks & we said we're ready for the talks. We're ready for serious cooperation w all parties on regional issues. There's no way to resolve crises in the region but through dialogue & cooperation
Israel Defense Minister Gantz denounced Maduro for manufacturing drones and receiving ammunition from Iran
Defense Minister Gantz reveals a photo that he says proves Iran has transferred to Venezuela the know-how for it to produce advanced UAVs. "Our assessments show that Iranian PGMs are being delivered for these UAVs and other similar models," he says
2 year ago
Russian Defense Minister Shoigu: Ukraine has much more capabilities in nuclear weapons than Iran or North Korea, there are technologies and specialists, plans to abandon nuclear-free status are dangerous
Warplane Crashes in Iran's Tabriz, 3 Dead
A military airplane crashed in Iranian province of Tabriz
Another video shows fire fighters trying to extinguish the fire caused by the fighter jet crash in "Shahid Alipoor" sports complex in Tabriz, eastern Azerbaijan, Iran
An Iranian fighter jet has crashed to a sport complex in Tabriz, eastern Azerbaijan province of Iran
Addressing MSC2022, Iran's Foreign Minister @Amirabdolahian did not rule out direct talks between Tehran and Washington, but said certain practical steps like releasing Iran's frozen assets & removal of some sanctions must be taken before such talks